Dec 2012

Pathlight's 'N' and 'O' Level candidates for 2012 did themselves proud with their sterling results. Equally important and noteworthy was their development as well-rounded individuals during their years in Pathlight, as testified by their active involvement in CCAs, sports and other activities outside the classroom.


Six candidates sat for the GCE N(A) Level examinations. All of them did well enough to be awarded the GCE N(A) certificate and progressed to Secondary 5 N(A).


Two students emerged with a score of 11 points each, and are eligible for Polytechnic Foundation Programme which caters to the top 10% of the Secondary 4 N(A) cohort.


For the GCE N(T) examinations, Pathlight's seven candidates all scored well enough to be eligible for ITE. The top two Pathlight candidates scored 5 points each, and 100% of the cohort scored below 16 points (COP).


Three Pathlight students sat for the GCE 'O' Level examinations, and all of them attained 5 or more GCE O-Level passes each. With their stellar results, they are also eligible to proceed to Institutes of Higher Learning.


Our heartiest congratulations to all our 2012 'N' and 'O' Level students for their commendable performances. We are proud of all of them, whatever the results as we know they have overcome learning challenges and done their best. Credit also goes to the teachers, therapists and parents who had encouraged and prepared them for their success.


We warmly wish them all the best in their continuing educational journey ahead!