Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Students Participation in Superhero Me Inclusive Arts Workshop

On 19 – 21 September, three classes from Primary 2 (Camellia , Laurel and Cydonia) were invited to attend the Superhero Me Inclusive Arts Workshop. SuperHero Me is a ground-up inclusive arts movement that harnesses the power of creativity through arts and inclusive programming.  The objective of this workshop was to co-create three pieces of art forms and make new friends with students from different schools.

Pathlighters, along with students from other schools, were grouped into three different teams to work together and completed three art pieces titled, "Make a Placemat", "Grow a Plant" and "Cook up a Storm". Through the process of art making, students bonded with each other and new friendships were forged. They ended the workshop with a mini snack exchange, a symbolic gesture to wrap up the experience that goes in line with its theme, "Art Feast".

The students even brought home their completed art pieces to show off to their parents!