Tuesday, 18 June 2019

A Festival of Fun and Learning

A Festival of Fun and Learning

We held our 2nd annual Pathlight Learning Festival (PLF) for Campus 2 Primary over the final week of Semester 1. Pathlighters had fun learning through the various multi-disciplinary activities and learning journeys.

The on-campus activities Pathlighters participated in were varied and challenging, such as an escape room that required students to tap their creative minds and use what they have learnt in class to escape with the prize. They also participated in an inter-cohort spelling bee challenge.

For their learning journeys, Pathlighters explored one of Singapore's public libraries and the Singapore Sports Hub. They familiarised themselves with the library’s services and practised library etiquette. At the Sports Hub, students discovered Singapore’s sporting achievements and learned about the Hub’s critical role in promoting healthy living and sporting excellence.

The festival ended on a high note with Pathlighters and educators singing along to our very own PLF theme song, in costumes inspired by motifs related to the disciplines of English, Math, Science, Daily Living Skills, and Citizenship and Character Education.

The enthusiastic participation by all involved – Pathlighters, educators and staff, made this festival of Fun and Learning a resounding success! We look forward to the next Pathlight Learning Festival at Campus 1 in July.

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