Tuesday, 18 June 2019

A Lesson On Sustainable Farming

A Lesson On Sustainable Farming

Secondary 1 students doing Food and Consumer Education visited Citizen Farm in May to learn about food sources and understand the importance of sustainable agriculture. The local urban farm grows sustainable and pesticide-free vegetables. The farm also partners with Autism Resource Centre to provide job opportunities for those on the autism spectrum.

During the farm visit, Pathlighters learned about the different food sources, nutrients and methods of agriculture cultivation. They even got to taste and learn about various vegetables, herbs and spices, and how they can be incorporated into delicious, healthy and nutritious meals.

Pathlighters were particularly intrigued by the black soldier flies on the farm, their life cycles and how their waste is used as fertiliser for the vegetables. They also enjoyed feeding the farm’s many pudgy, free-roaming chickens. It was indeed a fun and insightful learning journey on sustainable farming.

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