Monday, 30 September 2019

Celebrating Racial Harmony at Pathlight

Celebrating Racial Harmony at Pathlight

Pathlight celebrated Racial Harmony Day in different ways in July.

Our Primary 1 and 2 Pathlighters participated in a wide variety of activities leading up to the celebrations. This included visiting a Racial Harmony Day Cultural booth and learning more about the four core ethnic groups in Singapore. During the celebrations, Pathlighters came dressed in their traditional costumes, and tried their hand at traditional games. A few streets away, our Primary 3 to 6 Pathlighters celebrated diversity by creating a mosaic display of the vibrant personalities that compose our Pathlight student body. Each student drew their self-portraits on individual Jigsaw pieces and joined them together to form one complete Pathlight Jigsaw puzzle. Our Secondary School and Vocational Track students celebrated the occasion with harmonious music created from different ethnic drums, in a performance by the group Rhythm Masala.

The celebrations across the campuses ended on a high with ethnic dance performances and fashion parades by our Performing Arts CCA groups. These colourful performances not only showcased the beauty of Singapore’s cultures, but also the talents of our students. Our students had a fulfilling day learning about Singapore’s diverse heritage culture, and the importance of preserving the racial and religious harmony that we enjoy today.

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