Wednesday, 11 September 2019

Commanding the Screen at Mediacorp

Commanding the Screen at Mediacorp

Our Secondary 4 Humanities Pathlighters headed out to Mediacorp’s broadcast centre in May to learn about the impact of globalisation and cultural homogenisation and hybridisation on the media and entertainment industry. Pathlighters also got a peek into what goes on behind-the-scenes at the broadcast centre.

For the first part of their visit, Pathlighters explored a gallery showcasing the history of media and broadcasting in Singapore. They were then whisked into the TV production section, where they had the opportunity to re-enact scenes from the popular Chinese drama, “Little Nyonya”. They also learned about the technologies used to make their favourite films and televisions shows, as well as the other areas involved in production such as costumes, make-up, carpentry, audio management and lighting control.

At the newsroom and radio station, Pathlighters enthusiastically tried their hand at presenting the news and hosting a radio show. They had fun being on camera and challenging themselves to keep up with the text on the teleprompter. The visit ended with a glimpse into the future of media and entertainment, with Pathlighters experiencing some of the new virtual technologies that Mediacorp is beginning to harness!

It was an eye-opening experience for our students, and some of them even expressed their interest in exploring the industry in future!

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