Friday, 30 August 2019

Finding Answers to The Call of the Wet & Wild

Finding Answers to The Call of the Wet & Wild

Our Primary 1 Pathlighters answered the calls of the wet and wild in August, when they fearlessly came face-to-face with fauna as diverse as peaceful giant manatees, razor-toothed tiger fish, fearsome electric eels and even a pair of lovable Chinese giant pandas.

All these and more, made the field trip to River Safari an informative and enjoyable learning journey. The inclusion of both mathematical and scientific concepts in this outdoor experiential class had our students exercising their knowledge on graphs, ordinal numbers, shapes and patterns, as well as classifications of animals. They also took the opportunity to practise putting their best foot forward in the community.

From analysing the Indian Gharial’s teeth to feeling the grooves of bamboo shoots that giant pandas feed on, students explored the wonders of wildlife creatures and the world around them. Besides analysing and handling specimens, students also documented their learning and discoveries in an e-book. This experience showed our students that knowledge gained in the classroom is more than facts and figures on a board; they are as alive and complex as the world around us.


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