Tuesday, 22 January 2019

Insightful Start to the New Year

Insightful Start to the New Year

Our Secondary 3 and 4 students had an exciting start to the new school year!

As part of the School’s Transition Planning initiative, they were given a sneak peek into the various possible industries and career opportunities that they can explore post-Secondary. Some of the organisations that our students visited during their orientation week include the Ministry of Manpower, Tower Transit, Park Hotel Alexandra, Building and Construction Authority and Jumbo Restaurant.

Our Pathlighters gained insight into the processes and skills required within the different sectors, such as the factors that need to be considered for the construction of buildings, and the mechanics behind bus operations. After the visits, our Pathlighters expressed their desire to work and contribute in areas where their passions lie, and the visits helped them set goals to work towards to. It was certainly a great start to the year!

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