Friday, 12 April 2019

Problem-Solving to the Fore at IDE Series 2019

Problem-Solving to the Fore at IDE Series 2019

17 Pathlighters from our Robotics Co-Curricular Activity group put on their creativity and problem-solving skills caps at the Innovation, Design and Engineering (IDE) Series 2019 competition in March. The IDE Series is a national technology and engineering competition event that challenges students in problem-solving across the disciplines of electronics, programming and mechanical design.

Our Pathlight teams worked together and displayed character, creativity and competence as they developed solutions in navigating their robots in completing specific challenges, such as clearing obstacles and racing against one another. Even though they were up against stiff competition from 20 other teams, our students persevered, shared tips and advice, and encouraged each other through the programming and testing of their robots.

Beyond the results, our students learnt invaluable lessons of teamwork and resilience, and stretched their problem-solving skills to a higher level! Onward now to the next competition!

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