Wednesday, 11 September 2019

We Are Explorers!

We Are Explorers!

The second semester of the year started with a blast for our Primary 1 and 2 students, with our annual multi-disciplinary Pathlight Learning Festival in July. The four day Learning Festival saw Pathlighters engaging in active, applied and authentic learning through activities that incorporated English Language, Math, Discovery, Daily Living Skills, Physical Education and Character and Citizenship Education.

Themed “We are Explorers”, Pathlighters came to school dressed as explorers to embark on their exciting adventures. They completed quests to obtain items necessary for their adventures the following day. These experiential learning quests included navigating through a multi-sensory ‘jungle’, conquering an obstacle course and shopping for healthy snacks at a mini supermarket specially setup in school.

As part of the Learning Festival, Pathlighters also headed outdoors and hiked to national heritage sites – Fort Canning Park, Labrador Park and Fort Siloso. These inaugural hikes brought out the core values of Character and Conviction in our young explorers, and gave them the opportunity to relive Singapore’s history and instilling in them National Education values. Our young explorers concluded their four-day learning quest by sharing their discoveries and unique experiences with their fellow schoolmates back in school.

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