Primary School

Primary School

Curriculum Focus

  • Follows MOE mainstream academic curriculum (except NO Mother Tongue) leading to PSLE qualifications
  • Non-academic curriculum comprising:
    • Specialised courses such as gymnastics, IT skills, social & thinking skills, daily living skills, project management skills etc.
    • Self-organisation routines. (e.g. managing bag, time management, etc)
    • Self-regulation and work habits.
  • Planned integration activities with mainstream schools.

Curriculum Framework for Primary & Secondary Students


Pathlight's Primary 1 Programme

The minimum age of admission is 7 years old. Applicants will be assessed for suitability to either of our following Primary 1 programmes:

  1. Applicants assessed to have the readiness skills and ability to access the Singapore Primary 1 curriculum in a group setting will be offered a placement in our Primary 1 Standard* class.
  2. Applicants assessed to be able to access mainstream academics but require an additional Foundation year to build their school readiness for standard Primary 1 curriculum, will be offered our Primary 1 Foundation Programme. Students from this programme will move on to Primary 1 Standard* the following year.

* Pathlight's Primary 1 Standard is similar to mainstream Primary 1 curriculum.

Pathlight's Primary 1 Foundation Programme

The programme prepares children for inclusion into a typical mainstream school or Pathlight School's Primary 1 Programme.

The curriculum of Primary 1 Foundation Programme focuses on:

  • Bridging gaps for standard Primary 1 academic readiness in:
    • Literacy
    • Numeracy
  • Building non-academic readiness skills:
    • Work Habits
    • Self-management
  • Nurturing functional communication & social skills with specialised courses such as gymnastics, computer and IT skills, daily living skills etc.
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