Tuesday, 07 June 2022

Rising to the IgnITE Skills Challenge

Rising to the IgnITE Skills Challenge

Two participating teams from Pathlight Secondary School, “Cheery Coders” and “Pathlight Autonomous Driving Team”, emerged as top teams in the ITE IgnITE Skills Challenge and advanced to the Finals.

On Thursday, 19 May 2022 both teams competed in the Final Challenge of their respective game challenges at ITE College Central, among many mainstream peers.

The “Pathlight Autonomous Driving Team” took part in The SenseTime Autonomous Driving Fundamentals Challenge, where they created an art piece on the SenseStudy platform through coding. Inspired by the Future of Transportation, the team’s concept and design won them the 2nd place in the Finals! Students had the opportunity to interact with the Guest-of-Honour, Parliamentary Secretary Eric Chua, as he presented them with their Silver medals and prize vouchers!

Team “Cheery Coders” competed in the Program, Guide and Shoot Challenge, where they had to program and guide their robot through an obstacle course, and hit a target with a missile. Despite the strong competition, our team demonstrated excellent sportsmanship and walked away with finalist medals!

Pathlight School was also awarded a finalist plaque for our efforts. We are proud of all the teams who participated in the IgnITE Skills Challenge. Well done to all Pathlighters and teachers for rising to every challenge and showcasing the school’s 5Cs values of Competence and Conviction!


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