School Facilities

School Facilities

In order to serve more students, Pathlight School expanded to 2 campuses in 3 locations in 2018. Both campuses enjoy the same autism-friendly and quality mainstream education, complete with the Satellite Partnership School model for our Secondary School students.

Pathlight Campuses

  • A Centre of Excellence for Autism (Consultancy, Training, Teaching and Learning)
  • An Inspirational Learning Center for lifelong learning and employability skills.
  • A vibrant and inclusive village in which the autism and mainstream communities come together for leisure and social activities.
  • Campus 1 serves our Primary 1 (Foundation and Standard) to Primary 2 students.
  • Campus 2 (Main) and Campus 2 (Annex) serve our Primary 2 to 6 cohorts as well as Secondary School and Vocational Track students.


Supporting Our Students' Curriculum Needs


Small classroom size with structured group learning setting and autism-friendly features.


Computer Lab

Computer Lab

Fully equipped computer labs where all students progressively learn the fundamental IT skills to fulfill the four learning outcomes of IT lessons:

  1. Digital Literacy
  2. Creativity
  3. Productivity
  4. Connectivity


Math Room

Math Room

Visuals and experiential learning approaches are used to facilitate students' learning of mathematical concepts.


Science Room

Science Room

Visuals and experiential learning approaches are used to facilitate students' learning.


General Vocation Room

General Vocation Room

Vocational Track students are coached in General Office Skills in a simulated and structured environment.


Music Room

Students enjoy their Music & Movement lessons and CCA activities here.


Art Room

Art Room

Students enjoy their Leisure Skills and art-related enrichment activities in 2 special Art rooms.



Students have their physical education and gym lessons here. The gym has dual purpose:

  1. For students to embrace a healthy lifestyle to keep themselves fit.
  2. To familiarise themselves with the common machines found in a gym.


Home Economics Kitchen

Food and Nutrition Studio (Campus 2)

Specially designed to facilitate the learning of cooking and Food & Nutrition (F&N) lessons.


Design & Technology Room (Campus 2)

Our Secondary School students taking D&T, design and make artefacts here.


The Art Faculty by Pathlight School

The Art Faculty is a platform to promote the unique art talents of our students. Through the sale of their artworks and merchandise, we hope to provide an income stream from the royalties they earned. Products are available at various locations including the Professor Brawn Outlet at Pathlight School Campus 1, The Enabling Village, Concessionaires at Tangs Orchard and VivoCity, Commune stores and online.

The Art Faculty, Pathlight School Campus 1 Professor Brawn Outlet  |  Operating Hours: 9.00am to 9.00pm (Mon to Sat & Public Holidays, closed on Sun)


Professor Brawn Café

Professor Brawn in Pathlight School is open to the public and serves as an inclusive worksite providing our students with opportunities for authentic training in work skills and ethics. The café is dedicated to provide affordable good food by an inclusive quality workforce comprising people of different abilities, ages and socio-economic background. 

Professor Brawn Café, Pathlight School Campus 1 Outlet  |  Operating Hours: 9.00am to 9.00pm (Mon to Sat & Public Holidays, closed on Sun)

*Please park at neighbouring carparks, as limited parking is available on-site. During school term, parking on-site is not available from 12.30pm – 1.30pm. 



A fully-equipped industrial kitchen where our vocational students are trained for ITE Skills Certificate (ISC) in baking. The bakeshop is also an Approved Training Centre for ISC Baking.


Pathlight Café

The Café is not just for recess. It is a work site for students to be coached in various F&B roles. We have expanded and the Café now consists of 6 main kiosks serving a variety of food including noodles, burgers and wraps.



Other Facilities

Futsal Field

Outdoor field to support our students' Physical Development and staff's recreational activities.


Multi-purpose Hall

The Multi-purpose Hall is used for Assembly / Dismissal, Special Events, PE / Gym and CCAs.


Khoo Teck Puat Resouce Library

Khoo Teck Puat Resource Library

Donated by the late Mr Khoo Teck Puat. Opened to the public as a resource library since April 2010. It has almost 6,000 books with categories such as Fiction, non-fiction, reference books in autism, periodicals and multimedia resources. The Khoo Teck Puat Resource Library aims to develop a joy and love for reading as a pivotal tool for life-long learning and to cultivate the habit of reading as a quality leisure skill in individuals on the autism spectrum.

Operating Hours: 8:00am – 1:00pm (students) & 1:00pm – 5:00pm (public)

Visit Online Library Catalogue



Bringing Students Closer to Nature

Science Garden

There are various fruit trees and vegetables planted in the Science Garden to allow for experiential learning. The plants grown in our Science Garden are mentioned in the Science Curriculum and with them planted in the school compound, lessons are not just confined to the classrooms. There is a multi-sensory approach to learning as students are engaged through seeing, feeling, touching and smelling.


Organic Farm

The Organic Farm is one of our worksites for our Vocational Track students to learn organic farming techniques, from soil mixing, seed sowing and stem cutting & transplanting to pest control, fertilising and harvesting.

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