Logo, Vision, Mission & Values

Logo, Vision, Mission & Values

Our School Logo

Pathlight School Logo

The school logo depicts a happy face, which we aspire Pathlight to be for our students – a happy place. The upward curve of the logo and the transition of the colours from blue to green embody the essence of a Chinese saying, “青出于蓝, 更胜于蓝”. This describes the growth and transformation of a Pathlight student from a child when he/she first enters the School to a responsible adult, whose potential is maximised when he/she leaves the School.


Our Vision

To be a voice and model for an inclusive, vibrant and learning community where lives are transformed


Our Mission

To provide a transformational learning journey and maximise the potential of every student in both academics and life skills


Our Values

  • Character
  • Competence
  • Compassion
  • Conviction
  • Contribution


Our Beliefs


We believe that education is one of the greatest equalisers in life. A good education is a key passport to achieving meaningful engagement, independence, and dignity.

  • No applicant who is suitable for placement in Pathlight School will be deprived due to lack of financial means.
  • Each student will have an Individual Education/Transition Plan based on his/her strengths, interests and key learning needs and executed in partnership with school and family.



We believe that anything that is worth doing is worth doing well.

  • We do our best, using limited resources to deliver quality education services for all students.
  • We strive to benchmark ourselves against best practices in education and other sectors.
  • Both staff and students do not stop learning knowing that continuous improvement is the only way to quality.


We believe that people with special needs should be included with respect and dignity in the community.

  • We plan and maximise opportunities to effect purposeful integration with the larger community to enable them to become useful contributing members of society.
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