Secondary School

Secondary School

Curriculum Focus

  • Follows MOE national curriculum (except NO Mother Tongue) leading to GCE ‘O’ level/’N’ level qualifications. The courses available are: Express, Normal Academic (NA), Normal Technical (NT).
  • Offers subject-based banding for students to tap on their strengths and interests.
  • Aligned with MOE to remove stream labels and offer full subject-based banding from 2024.
    • Offer increased flexibility in subject and subject level offerings at both more and less demanding levels.
    • All students will sit for a common national exam at the end of their secondary school education.
  • Non-academic curriculum comprising:
    • Specialised courses in IT, daily living skills to better prepare for post Pathlight Institutes of Higher Learning.
    • Self-organisation routines. (e.g. time management, etc)
    • Self-regulation and work habits.
    • Social relationship skills.
  • Holistic development of students through organised CCA activities and CIP projects.


School Partnerships:
Unique Features of Pathlight Secondary School Programme

Our School Partnerships provide the ‘Best of both Worlds’ to facilitate a smooth transition to Institutes of Higher Learning, and prepare students for life post-Pathlight. It promotes interaction on 4 levels of integration:

  • Physical - Opportunities to share facilities
  • Social - Opportunities to have fun together
  • Academic - Opportunities to learn together
  • Professional - Opportunities for staff to learn and exchange ideas

Our students attend school at the partner schools daily, and interact socially with their students during recess and selected school events/classes. This model provides for purposeful integration and allows our students to apply classroom learning of social skills to the real world. At the same time, it also contributes to building awareness among mainstream communities of people on the autism spectrum, and towards a more inclusive society.

Our School Partners

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