Fees & Subsidies

Fees & Subsidies

School Fees


Published Monthly School Fees*

Primary School, Secondary School & Vocational Track Singapore Citizens Singapore PRs
$250* $350*

Students from lower income background who qualify for our subsidies pay less than the listed school fees.


*School Fees cover:

  • Student insurance
  • All CCA fees and activities

In addition, all students currently receive a “Back to School” $100 e-voucher for textbooks and stationery on the School's booklist.


Subsidies & Bursaries

No student, if deemed suitable for Pathlight, will be deprived of an education because he/she cannot afford it.

  • About 45% of Pathlight students, who meet our eligibility criteria, pay lower than the listed school fees.
  • They receive financial subsidies computed according to their household income, with the most needy paying $0 school fee.
  • In addition, for those who meet our eligibility criteria, they will also receive additional support such as:
    • Monthly bursary
    • Free enrichment activities up to $150 per annum.

Any family who requires financial assistance should contact Student Affairs at (65) 6459 9951 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Collection of School Fees

School fees are to be paid via GIRO.

  1. Kindly ensure that there are sufficient funds available in the bank account by 20th of every month.
  2. Monthly deduction of school fees will be made on the 25th of every month.
  3. December school fee will be collected together with January school fee in January.


CCA Fees

Pathlight Primary School, Secondary School and Vocational Track students do not pay additional fees for CCAs.


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