Curriculum Framework

Curriculum Framework

Education in Singapore is typically classified as either "General Education" or "Special Education". Pathlight provides a holistic curriculum offering national curriculum and life readiness skills for students on the autism spectrum and related conditions.

Education Landscape

Our Holistic Curriculum

Our curriculum is based on a holistic approach to education. Our base curriculum is the Singapore national curriculum (currently leading to a PSLE and GCE 'O'/’N’ Level qualification). However, we know that this is only part of the curriculum that our students require. They also need various skills and work practices to access the national curriculum. In addition to the usual academic subjects, we offer non-academic subjects such as daily living skills, leisure skills, IT and IT Design training, PE/gymnastics, Behaviour Support Planning & Training, etc. These form the foundation blocks of our non-academic core curriculum.


Our unique features include the following:

  • A holistic curriculum offering both academic subjects and life skills (eg social, self-management and communication skills)
  • All lessons are taught using autism-friendly pedagogy.
  • Small classroom size with structured group setting.
  • Strong on-site autism therapy support.
  • Professional consultation for accommodation for access to national examinations.
  • School Partnerships for all Secondary level students to promote integration and prepare them for a smoother transition to Institutes of Higher Learning.
  • Value-added signature programmes such as IT & Design lessons to equip students with 21st-century skills, Dance Talent Development Programme and Artist Development Programme to develop unique talents.


Our Approach & Programmes

Hear from our School Leaders about Pathlight’s holistic curriculum, autism-friendly approach and education programmes. You will also hear from some of our students, alumni, and parents about their Pathlight experience.

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