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2 January 2019

Pathlight School started the new academic year with a total of 1451 students as follows:

Campus 1 Campus 2 Main Campus 2 Annex
Primary 1 - 2 Primary 3 - 5 Primary 6, Secondary School and Vocational Track
524 356 571
14 January 2019


Congratulations to our GCE 'O' Level students. All have passed and are eligible to progress to Institutes of Higher Learning!

18 January 2019


Pathlight School held the first workshop for parents/guardians with the official roll out of Individualised Transition Plan (ITP). As part of a Ministry of Education (MOE) initiative aimed at helping students have a smoother transition to life after school, Pathlight School is rolling out the ITP for students age 13 and above in Secondary School and Vocational Track.

Date Event Data Source
2 January 2018

Pathlight School started the new academic year with a total of 1262 students. To accommodate the demand for Pathlight education, the School occupied the former premises of Chong Boon Secondary School located next door to Campus 2. This new location, known as Campus 2 Annex is co-located with our sister school, Eden School. 

The distribution of our cohorts is as follows: 

Campus 1 Campus 2 Main Campus 2 Annex
Primary 1 - 2 Primary 3 - 5 Primary 6, Secondary School and Vocational Track
383 331 547
15 January


Congratulations to our GCE 'O' Level students. All have passed and are eligible to progress to Institutes of Higher Learning!

22 March 2018


Pathlight School signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Mayflower Secondary School, Pierce Secondary School and Yio Chu Kang Secondary School, cementing our unique partnership as Satellite School Partners. The signing ceremony was attended by Mrs Lucy Toh, Divisional Director, Special Educational Needs Division of Ministry of Education (MOE), Ms Denise Phua, Supervisor of Pathlight School Board, Principals and staff of respective schools, as well as senior officers from MOE.

23 March 2018


The True Colours Festival is an inaugural Asia Pacific festival of music, dance and the arts that brings together some of the world’s foremost artistes and performing talents with disabilities in a multi-faceted celebration of talent. As part of the combined Choir, Pathlight choristers performed alongside students from other special education schools, celebrating abilities through their voices.

3 April 2018


Pathlight School’s “Learn for Life” eCampus, a digital learning space with a focus on Life Skills, held its first ever eCampus workshop for parents/guardians. 93% of all attendees rated the workshop as “good/excellent” for the content covered and in addressing their needs.

“Learn for Life” eCampus aims to equip caregivers with resources to better support their children and reinforce learning at home. It allows families to have the flexibility to learn anywhere and anytime.

12 April 2018


To commemorate World Autism Awareness Singapore, Pathlight School collaborated with Land Transport Authority and SBS Transit Ltd for a month-long community outreach aimed at raising awareness of autism and celebrating the talents of people with autism. For a month, a Downtown Line MRT train, as well as four interchange stations featured artworks by artists from our Artist Development Programme (ADP). These artworks were specially chosen to highlight and dispel debilitating myths about autism, as well as illustrate the talents of the autism community.

15 May 2018


25 Secondary School students from the STEM club participated in the 6th Singapore International 3D Printing Competition, organised by National Technological University. This year’s competition required participants to design larger items capable of moving at least five metres. Our students’ entry, a mobility device for the elderly, emerged as one of the winning entries. Congratulations to our students for attaining the top prize in the “Singapore School Student Category - Personal Mobility Devices”.

21 May 2018


Pathlight School held its inaugural Pathlight Learning Festival (PLF) for our Primary School students. Aimed at providing opportunities for Active, Applied and Authentic learning, the week-long PLF involved interactive and engaging activities focused on interdisciplinary subjects such as English, Math, Science and Daily Living Skills. This year, our students participated in game stations, spelling bee, learning journeys and many other exciting activities.

23 May 2018


Pathlight’s IT & Design Academy held its inaugural coding learning festival, Code Fest. In this VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) world, coding has become the new digital literacy and its competence is required by many jobs in today’s economy. Open to all tracks, the programme aimed to provide students with exposure to various concepts in coding to supplement what was taught during School’s IT lessons. 

24 May 2018


Pathlight School signed a Memorandum of Understanding with SGEnable and Singapore Airlines (SIA) to formalise our partnership in promoting the abilities and inclusion of persons with disabilities, beyond Singapore shores. From June 2018, in-flight snack boxes on selected SIA Economy Class flights will feature our Artist Development Programme (ADP) artist, Aaron Yap’s artwork, “Local Food”. Pathlight will also be the first partner of KrisShop Cares, an initiative aimed at giving back to the community and supporting those in need. As part of KrisShop Cares,, SIA's online retail platform, will carry selected merchandise designed by our ADP artists.

29 June 2018


Pathlight held its first ever combined Youth Day celebration with Edenites! Over 600 staff and students from Pathlight and Eden School participated in the “I Shine - Youth Day & Sports Carnival” under one roof in Pathlight School Campus 2 Annex.

4 July 2018


This year, a total of 6 artworks by 7 Secondary School students were published in the SYF online catalogue. Of these, 3 artworks by Irfan Bin Mus Effendi, Sec 1E Betula Class, Mohamad IIhan Bin Rossli, Sec 2E Ebony and Amelia Tan Kiat Qi, Sec 3NA Cedrus were exhibited at the month-long SYF Art Exhibition 2018 from July to August 2018. Amelia’s artwork was further selected to be displayed for an extended showcase of 1 year at MOE building, while Mohamad IIhan was invited to give an artist talk on his artwork submission at the Singapore Youth Festival Fringe activity.

2 August 2018


Our Primary School Choir was invited to the Istana for a tea reception with President Mdm Halimah Yacob. This was in recognition of their performance as part of the True Colours Festival’s Combined School Choir.

8 August 2018
In the annual STEAM (previously STEM) day camp and competition organised by Central Singapore Community Development Council (CDC),  our students utilised STEAM principles to prototype and test their own drones. All 6 teams of Secondary School students did the School proud by making it to top 10 most popular unmanned aerial vehicles/drones.
9 August 2018


For the first time, National Day Parade Funpacks featured designs by students from special education schools. Pathlight's very own Cheong Cheng Jun’s artwork was one of the 18 artworks selected. As a token of appreciation, the National Day Parade Committee generously gifted all Pathlighters and staff with a Funpack featuring Cheng Jun’s design.
14 August 2018


The Lee Kuan Yew Exemplary Student Award was first introduced last year to recognise the abilities and achievements of special education students. This year, 4 Pathlighters were among 27 recipients of this award. Heartiest congratulations to Chin Yong Yi Rae (Primary 6), Ng Teck Siang (Secondary 4), Phua Jie Hui Dexter (Secondary 4) and Ong Wei Boon Jason (Vocational Track Year 9) who have made considerable contributions in areas such as academic, vocational, sports and arts domains.

25 August 2018


Congratulations to Nathanael Choo Ming-De for attaining the Silver award by emerging top 20 out of 5000 participants.

Open to Primary 5 students in all Primary schools, the National Mathematical Olympiad of Singapore is held annually to identify Singapore's Mathematics representatives for the International Mathematics and Science Olympiad (IMSO), as well as, generate greater interest in Mathematics among Primary school students.

4 September 2018


Housing Development Board (HDB) collaborated with Pathlight School in producing the commissioned artwork for the newly revamped HDB Gallery – LIVINGSPACE. Exhibited as a mural, this is the first artwork collectively done by 2 artists, Jonathan Cai and Choo Jian Wei, from Pathlight School’s Artists Development Programme (ADP). As a token of appreciation, they were invited to tour the gallery with Guest-of-Honour, Mr Lawrence Wong, Minister for National Development and Second Minister for Finance during the launch.

17 September 2018


As part of SGenable’s Job Shadowing day, our Vocational Track senior year students participated in job shadowing at CPF Customer Contact Centre and Thong Siek Food Industry. Through the job shadowing sessions, our students were exposed to different job opportunities in the different industries.

21 September 2018


Primary 1 and 2 students participated in Discovery Day aimed at stimulating their interest and curiosity in Science through Active, Applied and Authentic Learning. This is the third year Pathlight School held this event in collaboration with parents to showcase science experiments with their children. A total of 59 parents signed up to participate while 42 proposals were submitted. Among them, 40 booths by parents were shortlisted. Thank you, parents, for the fruitful collaboration!

15 October 2018


Organised annually by the Ministry of Education, the Media Computing Competition seeks to provide a platform to showcase students’ work, as well as, develop their interest in media design. Despite being open to all Computer Applications (CPA) students from the Normal Technical and Normal Academic streams, our students did the School proud by winning Silver and Gold awards. Congratulations to Shahdan Bin Jaafar from Secondary 2NT Fraser Class for winning the Silver award in the Animation category, and Ong Kai Xuan from Secondary 3NT Whitespire for winning the Gold award in the Game category !

5 November 2018


The School Green Awards (SGA) hosted by Singapore Environment Council is an annual programme aimed at reinforcing environmental initiatives and awareness amongst Schools. The programme receives yearly submissions from schools showcasing their environment efforts. This year, Pathlight School achieved the Vanda Miss Joaquim Award given to schools with an overall score of more than 90%.

9 November 2018


Open to Secondary School, ITE, and Polytechnic students, the Samsung “Solve for Tomorrow” competition allows students to discover how they can play a part in creating a better tomorrow by leveraging new technologies and innovation. Pathlight School team consisting of Loi Jian Tong, Dylan and Muhammad Mikhail Ghazi Bin Ridzuan, was one of the 3 winning teams. Their proposed solution is to raise greater public awareness for the special needs community through an app which also creates opportunities for interaction and understanding.

22 November 2018


Congratulations to all our Primary 6 students for performing well beyond expectations for PSLE. 95% of the cohort passed and are eligible to progress to Secondary school!

17 December 2018


Congratulations to all our Normal Academic and Normal Technical students! All students are eligible to progress to their next level of education!

Date Event Data Source

3 January 2017

Pathlight School started the new academic year with a total of 1145 students as follows:

Campus 1 Campus 2

Primary 1-2 , Secondary School and Vocational Track

Primary 3 - 6




11 January 2017

Congratulations to our GCE 'O' Level students. All have passed and are eligible to progress to Institutes of Higher Learning!


21 January 2017

Art savant on the autism spectrum Norimitsu Kokubo (Japan) and his family visited the Enabling Village, where they shared their inspiring story with fellow artists from The Art Faculty and their parents. He also visited Pathlight School, and did a specially organised sharing session conducted by Channel NewsAsia.


23 February

Pathlight School hosted a special workshop conducted by the renowned Stephen Petronio Company, a contemporary dance group from US that has performed on various international stages.
Specially arranged by the US Embassy Singapore, the dancers from the Stephen Petronio Company demonstrated dance movements for students from our Dance Talent Development Group(Senior). At the end of the activity, our students presented gifts of appreciation from Pathlight to their new friends.


27 July 2017

Limited edition Singapore Exclusive Local Design Collection by Thermos, featuring original hand-drawn designs by ADP student artists, Grace Ong and Jonathan Cai, was launched. A charity auction of two specially-designed big-sized bottles was held, and all proceeds were donated to Autism Resource Centre (Singapore), Pathlight School's parent organisation.


6 August 2017

Selected students from Primary School, Secondary School and Track V contributed drawings to the NS50 tote bag that was given out during various pre-National Day events across Singapore. This special project provided them a platform to share their perspectives of what National Service means to them. Many of our students love all things transportation, and that is reflected in their drawings of helicopters, police cars, tanks, navy ships, fire engines and fighter planes. Basically, the five services in NS (SAF, RSAF, RSN, SPF and SCDF) are all represented!


This is a powerful message of inclusion that everyone, including children with special needs, is a precious son or daughter of Singapore. With their unique perspectives of the world around them and their meticulous attention to details, our students demonstrated that they too could make valuable contributions to the nation.

17 August 2017
Four Pathlighters were awarded the inaugural Lee Kuan Yew Exemplary Student Award (LKY-ESA)! The LKY-ESA honours students in government-funded special education (SPED) schools who have risen above their inherent disabilities and challenges to motivate and inspire their peers. All 20 SPED schools in Singapore were invited to nominate at least one student per year for the Award. We are all so proud of what Joel Koh (Primary 6) , Patrick Lim (Primary 6), Javier Chong (Secondary 4) and Muhammad Khairul (Vocational Track) have achieved. The Award recognises their abilities and affirms the hard work they have put in. Of course, their achievements would not have been possible without the educators and families who supported them in their learning journeys. Well done to the four awardees, and kudos to everyone who has contributed one way or another in transforming their lives!
24 August 2017

The Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) has rolled out a simplified application process for deputyship for parents of children with special needs in Special Education (SPED) Schools. Pathlight School piloted the programme in 2017 and extended the programme to students in graduating classes aged 18 years and above. With the deputyship, parents can continue to make legal decisions for their child after he or she turns 21.

9 October 2017
SingPost opened its General Post Office (GPO) at the new SingPost Centre in Paya Lebar, and we are so proud that a Pathlighter’s artwork is prominently displayed on the entrance wall. The illustration of the old Fullerton Building, where the original GPO was located, is by Glenn Phua, a student artist under the Artist Development Programme. A framed version of the illustration was also presented to Minister for Communications & Information, Yaacob Ibrahim, the Guest-of-Honour for the GPO’s grand opening.

20 October 2017

To celebrate the completion of the Downtown Line, some Pathlight students attended the Downtown Line 3 Opening Ceremony . Our ADP artist, Jolie Lim, did a commissioned artwork, which was printed on notebooks as gifts for the guests. Minister for Transport Khaw Boon Wan was present for the event and made sure to appreciate and thank everyone who was involved in the process in one way or another.

21 October 2017

President Halimah Yacob visited Pathlight School to show her support for The Purple Symphony, Singapore's first inclusive orchestra comprising musicians with and without special needs. The group uses the school hall for its weekly practices. She received a warm welcome by students from Pathlight and spent time interacting with the musicians and Pathlighters.
9 November 2017
Timberland and Pathlight School collaborated for a second time to showcase the unique and insightful art created by talented individuals with special needs. This collaboration consists of pouches and drawstring bags, incorporating Timberland’s Classic Boat Shoe aesthetics with the students’ designs. The products are co-produced by Timberland and The Art Faculty, a retail platform by Pathlight to promote the works of artists on the autism spectrum. The students involved are Grace Ong and Joshua Chong.
November 2017
School Digital Media Awards (SDMA) 2017 is an annual media competition organised by Ministry of Education, Singapore's Educational Technology Division and the School of Film and Media Studies of Ngee Ann Polytechnic. The competition provides a platform for primary and secondary students to express their creativity and talent through video or photography. 52 awards were given out, and Pathlight was among the top four schools to clinch Gold in the Secondary School Video Category. Pathlight’s winning entry, "Rivus", aims to raise awareness of the dangers of internet gaming. The team put their heart and soul into the whole production which lasted four months, from scriptwriting and storyboarding to filming and post-production. Guidance from educators enabled the students to stay focus on the project and ensured quality in their final work. 
20 November 2017
ARC signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS), signifying the continuation of a strategic partnership between both parties. Since 2014, both ARC and SUSS have joined efforts to enhance the quality of learning and teaching for individuals with special needs and the community.
Moving forward, both organisations are seeking to develop a new online platform called called "Learn for Life eCampus", to enable special needs-learners to acquire important life skills beyond school hours and former school years independently and progressively. It will also equip caregivers with useful resources to support their children and reinforce learning at home. Eventually, these resources will also be made available to the general public. Pathlight and Eden Schools will be the first two schools to pilot "Learn for Life eCampus" in 2018.
11 December 2017
In hopes of making public transport more user-friendly, illustrations by six of our student and alumni artists from the Artist Development Programme (ADP) were selected and incorporated as wayfinding signage along the walkway from Redhill MRT station to the Enabling Village. The new signs and rest areas along the walkway were unveiled by Minister for Transport Mr Khaw Boon Wan on the morning of Monday, 11 December 2017.
15 December 2017
Congratulations to all our Primary 6 students for performing well beyond expectations for PSLE. 94% of the cohort passed and are eligible to progress to secondary school!
19 December 2017
Congratulations to our Secondary 4 Normal (Academic) and Normal (Technical) students for your GCE N-level results! All of them are eligible to progress on to the next level of education, and we are so proud of how far they've come. Credit must go to our educators and therapists for their dedication to maximise the potential of our students. We would also like to thank parents/guardians for their steadfast partnership with us to enable students to attain this significant milestone. We wish them all the best for the next chapter of their learning journey!
Date Event Data Source
2 January

Pathlight School started the new academic year with a total of 1067 students as follows:

Campus 1 Campus 2

Primary 1-2 , Secondary School and Vocational Track

Primary 3 - 6



15 January

6 students sat for the GCE ‘O’ Level results. All passed and were eligible for institutes of higher learning.

23 February 2016 – 27 March 2016


UOB Art Gallery collaborated with Pathlight School to support inclusion and showcase the artistic abilities of 14 artists on the autism spectrum through an exhibition.

Titled Sky Deep, the exhibition draws viewers into the world of the artists and allows them to express and share refreshing glimpses of their perspectives with their family, friends and the community.


2 March 2016


10 students and 7 educators from Vocational Track set off for Perth, Australia on their annual Overseas Learning Trip. Part of Project One, this trip allows students to experience a western culture and also put into practice life readiness skills.

Project One aims to build the best school ever for students. It is a student centric programme aimed at exposing students to varied experiences in 5 areas: Moral, Cognition, Physical, Socio-emotional and Aesthetic, before they leave school.


7 March 2016


Pathlight's robotics team represented the school at the First Lego League (FLL) robotics competition on 5 March, Saturday. This year's competition theme is Trash Trek Challenge where students go on robot missions for sorting, collecting and reusing of waste in the world. They were awarded a prize for displaying great teamwork!


8 March 2016


Pathlight School held its first ever cross country for all Secondary School and Vocational Track Students. Themed, "I inspire", students put on their running gear for a run with their peers and teachers. This cross country is organised with the objective to inspire students to aim for excellence in Sports and in Life. It is also to instil values such as respect, teamwork and friendship in them.


The "Noodles for Good" stall was officially launched at Pathlight School Campus 1 on 8 March 2016, Tuesday. A first under Business for Good by Central Singapore Community Development Council, Noodles for Good is about enabling disadvantaged and special needs families to achieve self-reliance through skills training, employability coaching, business and community support. First on board is our cherished partner, Si Chuan Dou Hua Restaurant.

10 March 2016


As parents are among our most valued partners, our goal is to engage parents to effect beneficial outcomes for both school and family. The formation of Parent-School Collaboration Teams (PSCT) is part of our Project One goal to become the best school ever for our students & families.

The PSCT comprises 5 groups focused on the following: 1. ensuring school/student safety and support of events, 2. empowering parents to support their children better through training, 3. looking at opportunities to build work readiness and identify work opportunities for students, 4. greening of school involving parents and students, and 5. supporting the well-being of parents.


8 to 22 April 2016


In conjunction with the Singapore Maritime Week 2016, artists from our Artist Development Programme (ADP) had their artworks exhibited alongside the works of artists from the Singapore Watercolour Society. The artworks were centred around the theme, “Memoirs of City Port Scenes”, which pays homage to Singapore’s ports.

22 June 2016


18 students from our Secondary 1 and 2 cohorts participated in the Fuel Your School – STEM @ Central Singapore ‘Land Speeder’ competition organised by the Central Singapore Community Development Council and Chevron Singapore. This competition was part of the Fuel Your School – STEM @ Central Singapore annual enrichment programme that aims to spark interest and encourage students to pursue their passion in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Team Chengalara with their Land Speeder, ‘People’s Flash Air’, won the 2nd prize in the ‘Most Impressive Project’ category and also achieved top 10 in the ‘Most Popular Project’ category! Their Land Speeder was also among the top teams that levitated across the 1-meter track on the first attempt.

5 August 2016


Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong's wife, Mdm Ho Ching, was photographed carrying a pouch designed by Pathlight student Seetoh Sheng Jie during a visit to the White House. The entire stock of 200 pouches were sold out in a day as a result, and brought Sheng Jie into the limelight of the international media. It also helped to highlight the immense talent of the students in Pathlight's Artist Development Programme.

8 October 2016


Pathlight students Asher Ng and Foo Thong Keen had their designs on two limited-edition T-shirts unveiled by the leading American outdoor lifestyle brand and the result of its collaboration with The Art Faculty by Pathlight.


24 November



Congratulations to all our Primary 6 students for performing well beyond expectations for PSLE. 95.6% of the cohort passed and are eligible to progress to secondary school!






Congratulations to all our GCE N level students! All our NT & NA students are eligible to progress on to their next level of education.

Date Event Data Source
2 January 2015

Pathlight School started the new academic year with a total of 1002 students as follows:

Campus 1

Campus 2

Primary 1- 2, Secondary School & Vocational Track

Primary 3 - 6

Total: 615

Total: 387

12 January 2015


Six Pathlight students sat for the GCE ‘O’ Level examinations, and all of them qualified for Institutes of Higher Learning.

29 January – 2 March 2015


Pathlight School held its inaugural public art exhibition featuring 58 works of its student artists from its award-winning Artist Development Programme at The Fullerton Hotel. The exhibition was officially opened by Ms Ho Ching, Advisor of Autism Resource Centre and Executive Director & CEO of Temasek Holdings on 29 January 2015, Thursday. This exhibition was a platform to showcase the diverse talents and unique perspectives of individuals on the autism spectrum.

6 February 2015


Four teams of 15 students from the Pathlight Infocomm Club (Robotics) represented the school at the FIRST LEGO League (FLL) World Class Challenge Singapore. The robotics competition which took place at the Canadian International School saw the participation of students from all over Singapore. Contestants were challenged to work in teams to build, test, and program an autonomous robot using LEGO MINDSTORMS® to solve a set of missions in the Robot Game. Two teams did the school proud by winning the 1st & 2nd runner up for Robot Performance - Robot Award.

12 February 2015


Pathlight alumnus Daniel Kwa was awarded the Course Medal at ITE College Central Graduation Ceremony for being the Outstanding Graduate in NITEC in Electronics (Instrumentation) course.

18 March 2015


15 students from the Vocational Track Senior Level went on their first Overseas Learning Trip to Perth from 3 to 6 March 2015. This learning trip served as an opportunity to expose students to a different culture, and also allowed them to experience independent living in a foreign country away from the comfort of their home.

1 April 2015


Works of student artists from our Pathlight Artist Development Programme (ADP) were displayed at the URA Singapore City Gallery in the month of April and May as part of the exhibition, From The City Walls And Beyond. It was a showcase of the students’ exploration of the city’s terrain with their unique perspectives.

16 April 2015


4 teams from Pathlight School, comprising Secondary 4 & 5 Design & Technology (D&T) students won 2 prizes at the South Zone Millennium Challenge 2015.

A design competition held annually for D&T students, the South Zone Millennium Challenge aims to cultivate creative design talents in youths. Our Pathlight teams emerged victorious despite facing tough competition from other mainstream participating schools. One team was crowned Champion for the "Motorised Car (speed)" category while the other won 2nd place in the "Position the Bridge Building (design)" category.

15 May 2015


Commissioned by The National Library Board and produced by The Straits Times Press, “Living the Singapore Story” book was launched by President Mr Tony Tan at the National Library. As part of the SG50 celebrations, the book featured a collection of anecdotes by 58 Singaporeans from all walks of life.

Vocational Track Student, Glenn Phua was featured in an article titled– “My Son, Award-winning Pathlight Artist” and was invited to attend the launch ceremony where he had the honour of presenting his drawing of the Paranakan shop house to the President.

30 May 2015


3 Pathlight Vocational Track students joined a team of students and educators from Eden School to Beijing’s Hope Foster Home for their overseas community involvement trip. This trip not only allowed students to learn to be independent and gain life exposure but also served to contribute to the community by rendering help to those in need.

11 June 2015


Students from the Artist Development Programme (ADP) had the opportunity to pick up ceramic art skills from Master Chef Leong Chee Yeng at a workshop recently. Several of their works were subsequently selected to be displayed at Master Chef Leong's exhibition titled 'Ceramics Indulgence' at The Fullerton Hotel.

Sale proceeds from Master Chef Leong's ceramic pieces will be donated to Autism Resource Centre.

31 July 2015


Students from Pathlight Music Ensemble was part of the official launch of Purple Symphony, Singapore’s first inclusive orchestra comprising musicians with and without special needs. An initiative facilitated by Central Singapore Community Development Council (CDC), The Purple Symphony aims to promote inclusion in Singapore through music. Pathlighters, together with Members from Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore (MINDS) formed the Percussion section of The Purple Symphony.Led by Artistic Director Mr Quek Ling Kiong, the orchestra debuted with a repertoire of five songs at the Singapore Conference Hall and will perform at The Purple Parade 2015 and ASEAN Paralympic Games.

22 August 2015


Four Pathlighters from Secondary School, Seth Lim, Bennington Chee, Chen Si Yong & Gerrard Hwang took up the role as ambassadors of the newly launched Inclusive Playground at Bishan- Ang Mo Kio Park. The inclusive playground features special facilities for children with disability to enjoy the playground facilities and have fun like other children.As ambassadors, students spent several days reaching out to the public to promote awareness of the Inclusive Playground. They also had the honour to present to the Minister for Social and Family Development, Mr Tan Chuan Jin of the functionality of the facilities in the playground at the launch ceremony.

2 November 2015


Pathlight School officially launched “50 Points of Views” - a collection of essays, reflections, illustrations, mementos of the things Pathlight students love about Singapore. This coffee table book is Pathlighters’ tribute to the nation’s Golden Jubilee year.The works included in this collection are part of the school’s Character & Citizenship Education to inculcate national pride and values in our students. We are delighted and honoured to have staff, parents, board members and special guests from Ministry of Education, NCSS, SG Enable and our Satellite Partner Schools, to gather under one roof for this special ocassion.Students from various levels brought the book to life through live performances. Guests were also treated to a mini exhibition which showcased selected works featured in the book.

5 November 2015


Ezra Chan was named Most Promising Artist of the Year (Emerging Artist Category) during the 34th UOB Painting of the Year award.Ezra, who is in the school’s Artist Development Programme, won the award for his artwork, titled ‘Play’.This artwork depicts a world filled with all of Ezra’s favourite games, including the places he has visited, the logos and brands he has seen and sounds he has heard.This is a great honour & recognition of Ezra’s talents!


6 November 2015


The ornate Tanglin gates at the Singapore Botanic Gardens drawn by Glenn Phua was the subject of a drawing presented to Chinese President Xi Jinping who arrived in Singapore for a two-day state visit. His drawing was given to Mr Xi at a welcome ceremony at the Istana, where Mr Xi and President Tony Tan Keng Yam exchanged official gifts.


21 November 2015


Our Primary 6 students achieved outstanding results and did the school proud. 92.1% of the cohort passed and qualified for mainstream secondary school!

Date Event Data Source
2 January 2014

Pathlight School started the new academic year with a total of 902 students as follows:

Campus 1

Campus 2

Primary 1- 3 & Track V

Primary 4-6 & Secondary School

Total: 441

Total: 461

2 January 2014

Pathlight started the year with a new Satellite School partner – Yio Chu Kang Secondary School, bringing the number of Satellite School partners to 4. The distribution of the Secondary School cohorts for 2014 is as follows:

Level (2014)

Satellite School

Secondary 1

Bishan Park Secondary School

Secondary 2

Pierce Secondary School

Secondary 3

Yio Chu Kang Secondary School

Secondary 4 / 5

Chong Boon Secondary School

14 January 2014

Three Pathlight students sat for the GCE 'O' Level examinations in 2013, and all of them attained 5 or more GCE O-Level passes each. With their stellar results, they are also eligible to proceed to Institutes of Higher Learning.


National (%)

Pathlight School (%)

3 or more subject passes



5 or more subject passes



24 January 2014


A total of 83 students had the opportunity to contribute to the community through their artwork. As part of Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital's Christmas fundraising drive, 'Light a Dream', 60 light cubes were painted by Pathlight students from Upper Primary and the school's talent development programme called 'Artist Development Programme' (ADP). The light cubes were sold online with prices ranging from $100 to $300. Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital then matched dollar for dollar to raise a total of $24,000 towards Pathlight's Poor and Needy Fund. Currently, 40% of our students are on financial assistance schemes and this fund goes towards supporting them with school-related expenses.

14 February 2014


Starbucks dedicated its 100th store located at Fullerton Waterboat House to social causes. It has hired six clients from the Autism Resource Centre (ARC) and joined a growing list of companies that have hired people with special needs. In this partnership, Starbucks Singapore has committed to have ARC clients form 25% of the staff at the store.

26 February 2014


As part of the Wave of Hope Swimathon (WOHS), a charity swimathon that was first founded in 2012 by the Rotaract Club of National University of Singapore, a total of $29,821.16 was raised for Pathlight School. The event, which advocated active volunteering by students for students, also saw 20 Pathlighters swimming alongside with the other 450 swimmers, who participated in the event on 7 September 2013.

On 26 February 2014, representatives from the WOHS organising committee presented the cheque to the school and also joined the scouts for an afternoon of activities.

All funds raised will go to the school's Poor and Needy fund to help families with financial difficulties with school-related expenses.

31 March 2014


Renowned violinist Kam Ning visited Pathlight School and put up a special performance for our upper Primary and Secondary 4 students.

Kam Ning shared with Pathlighters her amazing journey and the importance of perseverance and hard work in order to succeed. She also reminded them that they are all unique and special!

The visit was truly inspiring for all! Not only did it allow the students to enjoy Kam Ning's energetic performance but also to interact with her. Judging from the enthusiastic applause and numerous requests for autographs and photographs to be taken with her, the visit was indeed a rare and enjoyable treat for all of them!

3 April 2014


Pathlight School and Yio Chu Kang Secondary School signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for Satellite Partnership Model. With this MOU, Yio Chu Kang Secondary School joined Chong Boon Secondary School, Bishan Park Secondary School and Peirce Secondary School as Pathlight's 4th Satellite Partner School.

The event was held in Yio Chu Kang Secondary School. It was attended by Mrs Loke-Yeo Teck Yong, Director, Education Services, Ministry of Education, Ms Denise Phua, Supervisor of Pathlight School Board, Principals and staff of both Pathlight and Yio Chu Kang Secondary, as well as senior officers from MOE.

We welcome Yio Chu Kang Secondary School as our new Satellite Partner and look forward to working closely with them to build a more inclusive society!

25 June 2014


The newly formed Robotics Club comprising 34 members, took part in its first national robotics competition – The World Robo Tournament. The event attracted more than 100 teams from schools all over Singapore.

Pathlighters did the school proud by winning 2 awards in the DragRacz event: 1st Runner Up - Division 1 and Most innovative award. The DragRacz event required the teams to have their robots move swiftly and accurately in designated lanes, and the fastest robot won the race.

21 July 2014


Pathlight School was honoured to host a visit by Mr Stephen Wiltshire on 21 July 2014. Mr Wiltshire toured the school to understand its various programmes and interacted with the students.

The highlight of the visit was when students from the Artist Development Programme and Primary 5 cohort got to interact with him up close and even had the opportunity to complete drawings together for Art For Autism, an exhibition due to take place at the end of the year.

It was surely an eye-opening and inspiring experience for all our students!

2 August 2014


The Harvard University's all male jazz a cappella group, Din & Tonics, was in Singapore as part of their biennial 13-country world tour. During their week-long stop-over in Singapore, the Din & Tonics performed in a charity concert called 'A Very Special Concert 2014' (AVSC) to raise funds for Autism Resource Centre's new campus in Redhill for its Employability & Employment Centre.

The concert, which was billed as a truly inclusive concert, was a wonderful celebration of abilities, featuring guest performances by Pathlight Youth Choir and Singapore Polytechnic's a cappella group, Vocal Talents. It unified people from both the mainstream and special needs communities and clearly demonstrated that music had no barrier.

The concert, which was officiated by Mr Heng Swee Keat, Minister for Education, played to a sell-out crowd of more than 1000. The event raised $650,000, thanks to generous donors, comprising corporations, parents and individuals, who have generously and graciously supported the cause all these years!

20 September 2014


Pathlight percussionists from Music Ensemble and our Performing Arts’ Ruan students had the opportunity to perform together with the Singapore Chinese Orchestra (SCO) in a unique concert called “Dream Beyond”.

“Dream Beyond” is part of Deutsche Bank's Born to Be programme which supports a community programme to help young people from disadvantaged backgrounds or with special needs fulfil their potential through music.

We are grateful to Deutsche Bank and to the SCO for embracing inclusion and for giving our students the opportunity to train and rehearse with professional musicians from SCO. In the process, they not only gained music skills, but also learned teamwork, perseverance and most importantly, a courage to dream… as dreams do come true!

13 November 2014


7 Pathlighters who were selected as the school’s Kindness Ambassadors received the Gold Award on behalf of Pathlight School. The Gold Award is given to the top 5% of participating schools for their effort in promoting kindness among students.

16 December 2014


Pathlight Primary 3 student, Mexx Han Kai Xuan’s entry on “My Life, 50 Years Later” was selected as one of 37 winning entries for the 2014 Tales of ‘S’ eBook competition. Organised by Civica, Pathlight’s Library service provider, the competition received entries from 544 students from mainstream Primary & Secondary Schools as well as Junior colleges across the nation. Mexx’s essay will be published along with the other 36 winning entries.

Date Event Data Source
2 January 2013

Pathlight School started the new academic year with a total of 802 students. With the continued expansion of student enrolment, the School re-distributed the student cohorts as follows:

Primary 1- 3 & Track V : Campus 1
Primary 4-6 & Secondary School: Campus 2

With effect from Jan 2013, Pathlight School discontinued our Preparatory Track and stopped admitting 6 years-old students. The minimum age of admission is 7 years old, in line with mainstream school practices. Pathlight started Primary 1 Foundation classes to cater to students who need the additional time to build their school readiness for standard P1 curriculum.

2 January 2013 Pathlight started the year with 3 Satellite School partners. The latest satellite school partner for 2013 is Peirce Secondary School (PSS), which houses our Secondary 1 students. The other satellite school partners are Chong Boon Secondary School, which houses our Secondary 3 & 4 students and Bishan Park Secondary School which houses our Secondary 2 students.  
10 January 2013

Our 2012 GCE 'O' level students did well for their examinations.

  • 100% pass with 5 or more GCE O-Level passes
  • 100% eligible for Institutes of Higher Learning
February 2013 Pathlight's ADP students were invited by LASALLE College of the Arts to participate in its annual i-AM Festival, an arts festival promoting a myriad of social causes from 27 February to 8 March 2013. As part of this arts festival, LASALLE students worked jointly with selected ADP students to create a moveable mural which was exhibited in 'ARTISM', one of the two visual arts exhibitions under the main i-AM Festival.  
14 March 2013

Pathlight School was one of several schools visited by the head coach, Ms Jing Junhong and the national paddlers from the Singapore Table Tennis Association (STTA) to spread the message of sportsmanship to our secondary students.

Led by Dr Lee Bee Wah, Member of Parliament of Nee Soon GRC and President of the STTA, our students had a chance to pose questions to the team and understand the value of perseverance in reaching their goals. They were also treated to a display of table tennis skills between our students and their players in friendly sparring sessions!

The visit ended with an autograph-signing and photo-taking session.

May 2013 Pathlight Student, Megan Lee Qi Jun won third prize in the national YouthWrite competition organised by the Singapore Press Holdings (SPH). Open to secondary school students, Megan's entry based on the topic 'How youths could make a difference to the nation', was among the top 50 shortlisted from about 1000 entries received.  
13 July 2013 This year's A Very Special Walk saw close to 1000 people and raised $578, 000 for ARC's adult service, Employability and Employment Centre (E2C). Officiated by Mr Tan Chuan-Jin, Acting Minister for Manpower, the carnival-styled event, which ran from 8am till 3pm, featured exhilarating performances by Pathlight School, Eden School, Chong Boon Secondary School and Dance Spectrum International. There were also a wide variety of carnival game and food stalls manned by students as well as a flea market to entertain the crowd.  
July 2013 Pathlight Student, Darius Neo Zhi Yu was awarded Silver for the National Mathematical Olympiad of Singapore (NMOS). NMOS is an NUS High School initiative in partnership with Gifted Education Branch, MOE and Singapore Mathematical Society.  
14 August 2013

NTUC Income, in consultation with Autism Resource Centre (ARC), launched the first-ever insurance plan for people on the autism spectrum. Called SpecialCare (Autism), this plan covers children and adults between 15 days old and 30 years old on the autism spectrum for medical expenses due to accidents and infectious diseases.

As part of its support, Pathlight funded the first year premium for students in its lowest 10 percentile on its subsidy scheme.

16 September 2013

We opened a new Pathlight Foyer Café serving Starbucks beverages. This is a community project with our long-term corporate partner Starbucks Singapore. It serves as a training site for our Employability and Employment Centre (E2C) clients and Vocational Track students where they follow the Starbucks standards in the preparation of beverages and the serving of customers.

The Pathlight Foyer Café is open to parents and visitors to Pathlight School and ARC.


September to October 2013

Pathlight School celebrated its 10th anniversary with its various stakeholders.

5 September 2013
To show its appreciation to all its 300 staff, a sumptuous breakfast, a special 10th anniversary magazine holder and an outing to Universal Studios was organised.

1 October 2013
The school celebrated the milestone with 300 of its key partners, donors and past and present students in its School Hall. Officiated by Prime Minister Mr Lee Hsien Loong, the event was also attended by Ms Sim Ann, Minister of State for Education and Ms Ho Ching, one of the Advisors of Pathlight School, among others.

The event epitomised the value of inclusion that the school believed in, involving student participation in all aspects of the event, from registration of guests, to emceeing and performances. Guests enjoyed a heart-warming afternoon of energetic dance, skit, choir and piano performance by staff and students, complete with a sumptuous tea spread of goodies.

29 October 2013
The school celebrated with its students and parents. A 10th anniversary commemorative pencil case was presented to all students while an encore performance by staff and students was staged for parents.

8 – 10 October 2013 Pathlight had its 1st School-wide Quality Assurance Framework external audit. This was the culmination of work started in 2010. The exercise involved 121 staff and 17 workgroups looking into various areas. The objectives of this exercise was to Track, Improve & close gaps on School's Operations & Services. It also helped to ensure that staff were in sync with major School Processes.  
8 November 2013 5 Vocational Track students and 1 E2C client who were trained at the Pathlight Foyer Café passed the assessment by Starbucks Managers! They were offered part time employment with Starbucks at 2 of their outlets at Mapletree Business City and Equity Plaza. 2 of them – Hardy and Marcus impressed the Starbucks Managers so much that they were made role models for Starbucks District Stores!  
22 November 2013 Pathlight achieved sterling PSLE results from its 65 students who sat for the PSLE. Of these:
  • 93.8% of students from the Standard track passed and qualified for the Secondary School Express course.
  • 94.3% of students from the Merged and Foundation tracks passed and qualified for either the Secondary School Normal (Academic) or Normal (technical) courses.
30 November 2013

Pathlight School participated in The Purple Parade 2013, the largest special needs movement in Singapore that supports the inclusion and celebrates the abilities of persons with special needs. Organised in conjunction with the UN International Day of Persons with Disabilities which falls on 3 December every year, this was a ground-up collaborative initiative by 40 organisations, the largest collaborative effort for a common cause to date.

Pathlight students from its Vocational Track students presented an energetic dance item to the song "What makes you beautiful" by boyband One Direction. The students got the crowd of more than 4,000 people up on their feet dancing alongside with them.

The school also participated in the contingent march past. The Pathlight Contingent, which was made up of 100 parents, staff and their family members, came all gamely decked out as characters from Alice in Wonderland.

Pathlight Mall also set up a stall selling its merchandise, while the ADP students demonstrated their talents to the crowd, bringing the celebration of abilities to another level.

19 December 2013 Pathlight's GCE 'N' Level students did themselves and the school proud with their outstanding results. Five candidates sat for the GCE Normal (Academic) Level Examination.
  • 100% passed and awarded the GCE N (A) certificate
  • 100% eligible to progress to Secondary 5 N (A).

For the GCE N(T) Examinations, Pathlight's 14 candidates all did well!

  • 100% passed and awarded GCE N(T) Certificate
  • 100% eligible for ITE
Date Event Data Source
3 January 2012

Pathlight started the new year with 2 campuses and a total student enrolment of 706 students.

Campus 2 welcomed its first students, comprising 293 students from its Primary 5, 6 and secondary classes. Students were brought on an orientation of their new campus.

4 January 2012

Parents of new students in Campus 2 admitted to Pathlight in 2012 were invited to an orientation and tour of the new campus. They had a first-hand introduction on how Campus 2 classrooms have been structured to facilitate 21st century learning. Each classroom comes with different physical spaces for different types of instruction - such as Group Learning, Independent Work and Differentiated Learning.

16 February 2012
Pathlight School hosted a visit by the Sri Lankan First Lady, Mrs. Shiranthi Rajapaksa, who interacted with students during their lessons and the tour of the school. She was presented with a painting of the Joo Chiat shophouses, drawn by our Pathlight student Glenn Phua.
13 March 2012

As part of our Vocational Track students' On-The-Job Training (OJT) for their ITE Skills Certificate (ISC) in Baking, Pathlight School opened a Bakeshop Counter at Campus 1 (5 Ang Mo Kio Ave 10) to sell delectable pastries and cookies to parents, staff and members of the public!

The Bakeshop Counter was open every Tuesday and Friday from 12 noon to 1.30pm for 1 term.

19 March 2012

Autism Resource Centre launched a new initiative, the Employability and Employment Centre (E2C), to equip suitable adults on the autism spectrum with employable skills and emplace them in suitable jobs with appropriate job support.

E2C is open to Singapore citizens aged 16 and above, who have a primary diagnosis of autism.

31 March 2012
In conjunction with World Autism Awareness Day (WAAD), Duke-NUS Medical School, in collaboration with Autism Association (S), Autism Resource Centre (S), Rainbow Centre and St. Andrew's Autism Centre, organised a seminar for healthcare professionals and caregivers to learn about important issues regarding the management of individuals on the autism spectrum.  
2 April 2012
In keeping with the 2011 event, where many famous landmark buildings including Empire State Building in New York and CN Tower in Toronto were lit up with blue lighting to mark WAAD, Singapore participated in this tradition this year by lighting up some of her landmark structures like ION Orchard, the Singapore Flyer and St. Andrew's Cathedral.  
25 May 2012 Pathlight student, Jovan Neo, from P6 Jelawi won a consolation prize in the 2nd ASEAN Children's Forum – Badge Design Competition.  
26 May 2012 Another Pathlight student did the school proud. Sherman Ho Jun Wei, from Primary 6 Sycamore class, emerged overall 4th in the 2012 Asia-Pacific Mathematics Olympiad Competition for primary Schools. Sherman was the 2nd Singaporean in the top 4 places.  
6-8 June 2012 Pathlight student, Elliot Chia Jie Xing was 1 of 3 students selected to represent Singapore in the 2nd ASEAN Children's Forum. He was chosen for his awareness of youth issues and his ability to express his views.  
4 August 2012 The Harvard Din and Tonics staged a charity performance at the School of the Arts (Concert Hall) to raise funds for the Autism Resource Centre's Employability and Employment Centre (E2C) during their stopover in Singapore for their World Tour 2012. This concert also featured Pathlight Schoolhouse Jam comprising 6 students who performed 2 song items in their first public and audience paying performance.  
November 2012 Pathlight's Artist Development Programme (ADP) won the SPED Innovation award, one of four SPED schools to do so. The ADP is a signature programme that aims to uncover talents in students and develop their potential. Under the ADP, professional artists are engaged to work with talented students to nurture them.  
5 November 2012 A Graduation Night, complete with a formal sit-down dinner and social dancing was organised at the Campus 2 Multi-purpose Hall for the Primary 6 graduating classes. This was one of Pathlight's value-added programmes to enable students to experience a holistic education and the typical rites of passage enjoyed by mainstream students.  
Novemeber 2012
Our Secondary 4 graduating students participated in an overseas learning trip to Melbourne for the first time. This was part of Pathlight's annual overseas exposure trips for our graduating students to expose them to different cultures and build their independence.  
November 2012

Our 2012 Primary 6 did well for their PSLE examinations.

  • 100% of Standard and Merged tracks passed and qualified for either the Secondary School Express or Normal (Academic) courses.
  • 82% of Foundation track passed and qualified for the Secondary School Normal (Technical) course.
Our top PSLE scorer was Sherman Ho Wei Jun with an aggregate score of 273
December 2012

Pathlight School achieved sterling results in the 2012 'N' level examinations.


  • 100% pass and eligible to progress to Secondary 5 N(A).
  • 33% achieved 11 points and eligible for Polytechnic Foundation Programme catering to the top 10% of the Secondary 4 N(A) cohort.


  • 100% pass and eligible for ITE.
  • Top two Pathlight candidates scored 5 points each
  • 100% scored below 16 points (COP)
Date Event Data Source
4 January 2011 The academic year 2011 commenced with close to 600 students. Our waiting list for admission continued to average more than 200 applicants a year.  

7 February

With the student cohorts growing up fast, we started Transitions Support for our graduates. This support targeted the 3 stakeholders: graduates, parents and the receiving institutions.

The first transition meeting for parents of 2010 GCE O & N level graduates took place on 7 Feb.

21 March 2011 Launch of IT & Design School with pilot batch of 36 Secondary and 20 Track V students. The aim of this school is to close the digital gap and create more avenues of employment for individuals on the autism spectrum. Students started with 3 modules – Introduction to Interactive Design, Introduction to Visual Design and Introduction to Digital Art. Another 3 more modules on Introduction to Web Publishing, Introduction to Illustration and Introduction to Animation were slated to start in Term 4.  
1 April 2011

In commemoration of 2011 World Autism Awareness Day, we launched our Artist Management Programme with our first panel of eight student artists at the 'Art for Autism' exhibition. This Artist Management Programme aims to develop the artistic talents of students and enable them to make an independent living through their artwork.

At the 'Art for Autism' Exhibition, we concurrently launched 'Beautiful Minds Volume 2', featuring the writings, journals and illustrations by our students. The event was officiated by Mr Lui Tuck Yew, Minister for Information, Communications and the Arts, and attended by more than 100 guests and industry practitioners.

29 May - 4 June 2011

Syafiq Bin Shamsudin, Pathlight's 2010 alumnus won 2 prestigious awards at nationwide competitions with his Ashwell Shape Chart, which was done when he was with Pathlight. He was the only SPED student to emerge with such accolades.

For this invention, Syafiq was awarded:

  1. Tan Kah Kee Young Inventors' Award 2011 - Commendation Award (Student Section)
  2. D&T Awards 2011 - Creative Invention Award with Special Mention
His invention, together with the other award-winning entries, was exhibited at the Singapore Science Centre.
24 - 29 May 2011

As part of our Artist Management Programme, four of our students' artworks were showcased at the Singapore Arts Festival held by the National Arts Council at the Kids Arts Village at Esplanade Park. The artworks were open to the public and helped our students to gain better recognition for their creative talents.

The students are Glenn Phua Yi Jue, Seetoh Sheng Jie, Elliot Chia Jie Xing and Tay Jun-Yi.

25 June 2011 We had our Transition Meeting with 2010 graduates to help them with issues they face in their new educational environment.  
3 July 2011

National Youth Business Challenge 2011 saw our team comprising students from both Secondary and Vocational tracks take the Silver Award and Most Attractive Display Award. The Carton Wonders II competed against more than 40 schools for the "greenest" business idea and generated double the sales amount from last year's competition. They pledged more than half the proceeds to AVSW 2011.

The team members of Carton Wonders II are - Ng Li Jie, Phyllis Nyew, Mark Tan, Caleb Lim, Syafiq Ahktar and David Wee.

16 July 2011

A Very Special Walk (AVSW) 2011 raised a total of $670,895 where funds will go to support Post-School Options for employment and purposeful engagement in leisure and community activities for persons on the autism spectrum.

This year's theme of "There's a Hero In Me" saw many guests gamely turning up in a myriad of costumes - Wonder Woman, Batman, Spiderman, The Joker, Muscleman and even a Kill Bill costume. Red superhero capes were distributed to all participants, adding to the fun and cheer.

27 July 2011

Pathlight students swept 5 out of 6 prizes at the 2011 MILK Fund's My Dream Art Competition in both the Primary and Secondary categories.

All top 3 prizes in the Primary level category were won by Pathlighters - Wong Jun Xiang, Joseph Lim and Qays Aquilla. In the Secondary level, Ron Ng and Cedrick Chia took 2nd and 3rd spots respectively.

9 August 2011

Pathlight School was chosen as the venue for Ang Mo Kio GRC's National Day Observance Ceremony and a contingent of students and teachers represented Pathlight at the event. This was the first time that a SPED school was included in the National Day Observance Ceremony.

Prime Minister Mr Lee Hsien Loong, who is also the MP for Ang Mo Kio GRC graced the event , and more than 1000 participants comprising grassroots leaders, residents and participating schools participated in the event. They were entertained by performances from participating schools, including a rousing performance by Pathlight's Performing Arts students.

The PM was presented with a painting of Joo Chiat shophouses done by our student, Glenn Phua in his signature ink-on-paper style.

12 September 2011

We hosted the Minister for Education, Mr Heng Swee Keat and Senior Parliamentary Secretary, Ms Sim Ann for a visit to Pathlight and a dialogue session with our school leaders and educators.

In an interview with the press on our premises, the Education Minister made the formal announcement that MOE will be looking to boost capacity and quality of education in the special needs sector. He further added that Pathlight will be gradually boosting its capacity to 900 by end 2013.

23 September 2011

Pathlight was the only school in Singapore to be awarded the ThinkQuest Gold Champion School for our involvement in ThinkQuest projects.

This prestigious award is an initiative of American technology giant Oracle's Education Foundation and is given only to educational institutions where both students and educators actively utilise web-based learning and interaction platforms.

October 2011 We started a new chapter of our collaborations with our existing and new corporate partners to showcase and raise the profile of our student artists. Their artworks are now displayed and available for sale at Starbucks Holland Village, Lend Lease Head Office at JTC Summit and the Ascendas European Nordic Centre.  
Oct 2011

Pathlight was given the green light to begin work on Campus 2 at our former premises (6 Ang Mo Kio Street 64) in order for the school to take in more students in January 2012.

Campus 1 (5 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10) will house our Preparatory, Lower Primary and Vocational Track students, while Campus 2 (6 Ang Mo Kio Street 64) will house our Upper Primary and Secondary students.

Renovations work on Campus 2 began.

11 November 2011 Pathlight held our Transitions Support Meeting with Receiving Institutions of 2010 graduates to share strategies on how to support the learning of students with ASD.  
2 December 2011 Our 2011 batch of Primary 6 students scored stellar results for their PSLE examinations.
  • Our Highest Score was in the top 15% of the National Highest Score, an improvement over 2010's 25%.
  • 100% of Standard/Merged students passed and all were eligible for Secondary School Express or Secondary School Normal (Academic) Course.
  • 90% of Foundation students passed and were eligible for Secondary School Normal (Technical) Course.
  • 12 of the Foundation Course students did very well and were eligible for Normal (Academic) Course.
19 December 2011 Pathlight School achieved 100% passes for our GCE 'N' Level examinations and all of our students were eligible to progress on to Sec 5N(A) and/or to ITE.
  • 100% of our Normal Academic & Normal Technical students passed and were eligible to progress to Sec 5 N(A) and/or for ITE courses.
  • 100% of our students scored below 15 points (COP).
  • Our Top scorers achieved 6 points each.
  • 22.2% of our students scored 3 "A"s
  • 33.3% of our students scored 2 "A"s
  • 55.5 % of our students scored 1 "A"
Date Event Data Source
January 2010

Academic Year 2010 commenced with 529 students, a testament of our continued growth.

Release of GCE 'O' Levels results - Mark of a New milestone!
This is our inaugural batch of students being the very first cohort from Pathlight school to be fielded for this national exams.

As the very first pioneer batch for 'O' levels, our 6 students did very well . 100% of students achieved 3 or more GCE O-Level Passes and 100% of our students are eligible for Pre-University or Tertiary Education.

An important milestone: Launch of the ITE Skills Certificate in Baking Programme. Pioneer batch of 8 students.

March 2010 Enrolment is now 556.  
27 April 2010

Pathlight Official School Opening

The New Pathlight School was officially opened by Dr Ng Eng Hen, Minister for Education and Second Minster for Defence, on 27 April 2010. The event was attended by about 180 specially invited guests from various factions of the community who have supported the school in one way or another

1 to 3
June 2010

WeCAN Learning Congress 2010

WeCAN 10th Anniversary Autism Learning Congress brought together world leaders in autism, as well as empowered some 600 delegates knowledge and skills to help maximise the potential of people on the autism spectrum.

3 July


The Pathlight Secondary School team bagged 3 awards (Overall Champion Award, Top Most Earth Friendly Enterprise Award and Gold Award) at the National Youth Business Challenge 2010. The team pitted against 39 other teams from 28 schools such as Raffles Institution, ACS (Barker), and St Hilda's. The students are Elliot Chia, Megan Lee, Lee Zhi Da and Daniel Kwa.

This event is organised by the Ngee Ann Polytechnic's School of Business & Accountancy.

17 July 2010

A Very Special Walk

The A Very Special Walk (AVSW) focused on a Hollywood theme this year. The event was filled with various activities such as movies, games and food.

Students, staff, parents and volunteers came together and made this event a big success.

In line with the slogan "Pathlight Gives Back", we exceeded our fundraising target and raised $412,098.50. The proceeds went to Eden School Building Fund

7 August 2010

Youth Olympic Games(YOG)

3 of our students, Tong Qin Yuan (Track 3), Adrian Ignatius (Primary 5) and Daniel Lee (Secondary 1), were amongst the torchbearers to represent the youth of Singapore.

The support from the Pathlight family was overwhelming and everyone was jubilant and spirits were high as we cheered the torchbearers on!

It was indeed history in the making as the Pathlight family gathered to cheer the torchbearers on 7 Aug 2010.

14 September 2010

Pathlight Musical

A milestone: We staged the inaugural Pathlight Musical in our school.
Entitled "Yes We Can!", the performance depicted an inspiring life journey with its ups and downs in the eyes of a Pathlighter. Students and staff collaborated with a team of renowned artistic talents lead by Mr Jeremiah Choy (director), Ms Babes Conde (the music director) and Mr Gani Karim (the choreographer).

25 November 2010


Pathlight School is proud of all our 38 students' PSLE outcomes. Results combine both Standard and Foundation streams (Merged Stream):

  • Pathlight School Highest Score is in the top 25% of the National Highest Score
  • Pathlight lowest score is far better than National Lowest Score
  • 100% of Standard/Merged students passed and all eligible for Secondary School Express or Secondary School Normal (Academic) Course
  • 85% of Foundation students passed and are eligible for Secondary School Normal (Technical) Course.
Date Event Data Source
23 May 2009

Spring Cleaning Day
Parents and school staff came together to spring clean the new school to ensure school readiness for the first day of school

27 May 2009

Last day of Term 2
Students bid farewell to the old school.

28 May
1 June 2009

School Move Days

1 June 2009

Official Cross Over
All staff and operations started at the new site.

29 June 2009

First day of Term 3
Students stepped into their new school for the first time.

August 2009

The school reaches an enrolment of 501 students, with the latest intake of students in August 2009.

October 2009

Pathlight School embarks on a special partnership with Townsville Primary School to promote integration in the areas of (1) Physical, (2) Social and (3) Academic. This long term partnership will first commence with integration during recess for selected classes. This is the official first day for our students at Townsville Primary School.

November 2009

Pathlighters once again achieved very encouraging PSLE results!

The following are the PSLE 2009 results of the 29 students. Results combine both Standard and Foundation streams (Merged Stream):

  • 100% of Standard Stream passed and did very well.
  • 89% of Foundation Stream passed.
  • Highest score is 233 and in top 21% of the national score.
  • Lowest score at 83 is almost 2 times better than the national lowest score.
December 2009 2009 GCE Normal Technical (NT) Level Exam Results
Summary of results of the 4 candidates:
  • 100% Passes
  • 100% were eligible for ITE
  • Our Top scorer achieved 5 "A"s out of 6 subjects offered
  • 100 % of our students scored at least 1 "A"
  • 75% of our students scored at least 3 "A"s100% of Standard Stream passed and did very well.
New milestone: 2 Pathlighters are formally offered part-time employment positions of Baristas with Starbucks!
Date Event Data Source
January 2008

The school year begins with 409 students enrolled, a 10-fold growth since its inception.

February 2008

Pathlighters were part of Singapore's bid for the Youth Olympics 2010. Mr Teo Ser Luck, Parliamentary Secretary for Community Development, Youth and Sports officiated a special pledge ceremony at Pathlight.

March 2008

MOLLY's first visit to Pathlight - The National Library Board held the launch of their mobile library – MOLLY in Pathlight.

April 2008

Pathlighters had a once-in-a-lifetime experience on the recently launched Singapore Flyer. This was generously sponsored by Motorola and students also got to meet with Nominated Member of Parliament, Ms Eunice Olsen, the Motorola Ambassador.

A cheque presentation ceremony was held to announce the generous donation of $2 million by Ngee Ann Kongsi. The event was officiated by Ms Grace Fu, Senior Minister of State for Education and National Development. This marked the final stage of fundraising efforts for the development of the new Pathlight School.

June 2008

Our Primary 5 team excelled in the Learn @1 degree N – The Climate Herald event and proceeded to the next phase. Pathlight was the only special school to qualify for the post-event competition!

July 2008

This year's A Very Special Walk is significant as it created the awareness of autism amongst the community. It was also celebrated with a fun-filled Carnival.

August 2008

Pathlight was the only SPED school invited to be part of the SingaporeCreates project, organised by MOE and MICA. The 11 proud Pathlighters received a token of appreciation from RADM (NS) Lui Tuck Yew, Senior Minister of State of Education and Information, Communication and the Arts, at the project launch. Their artwork is now displayed at selected Caltex stations.

Our 2nd Sports cum National Day Celebrations was significant as it saw the participation of every student in Pathlight. The event opened ceremoniously with 13 students involved in a torch relay. Every student participated in one way or another in individual or specially designed tele-matches.

November 2008

Ms Wong Geok Choo (Secondary School Teacher) was among the 3 teachers who received the Outstanding SPED Teacher Award for their passion and commitment in providing an education for children with special needs.

Pathlighters achieved very encouraging results in the 2008 PSLE.

Results of the 21 students who took the PSLE – 10 in EM2 (Standard stream) and 11 in EM3 (Foundation stream):

EM2 achievements:
100% of EM2 passed and did very well.
Highest score is 229 and in top 20% of national score.
Lowest score at 164 is almost double the national lowest score.

EM3 achievements:
70% passes.
Highest score of 106 is in top 21% of national score in EM3.
Lowest EM3 score is 1.72 times better than the national lowest score.

December 2008 2008 GCE Normal Academics('NA') Level Exam Results
Our student passed and qualified for the Secondary 5 'O' Level programme. He even achieved a distinction in English and an A for Computer Application.
Date Event Data Source
January 2007

School year started with 354 students, 860% growth in 3 years.
Start of an afternoon session for Preparatory Track students due to lack of physical space.

8 August 2007

First Pathlight Sports Carnival at Serangoon Stadium. National Day Celebrations at the stadium too. Mr Bean was key sponsor supplying drinks and Mr Bean mascot.

17-21 October 2007

Post-GCE Exam students join PSLE students for annual study mission to Beijing.

November 2007

2 out of 5 MOE-NCSS SPED Teachers Awards given to Pathlight teachers, Loy Sheau Mei and Victor Ong. This is the inaugural SPED awards organised. Pathlight student, Brian Lyen, wrote the theme song.

December 2007
Pathlighters achieved good results in the 2007 PSLE and GCE N Levels Examinations.
  • 88% (EM2) and 63% (EM3) of P6 students passed their PSLE. All of them passed the English language/Foundation English, which is above the national average.
  • 100% GCE 'NA' Level students qualified to Sec 5N to complete their GCE 'O' Levels.
  • 100% GCE 'NT' Level students qualified to the local Institute of Technical Education (ITE).

Ms Linda Kho, the school's Chief Operating Officer, was appointed the new Principal of Pathlight School.

Ms Loy Sheau Mei (Track Head) assumed the new role of Vice Principal - Academics.

Date Event Data Source
January 2006

The school year begins with is 250 students enrolled.

Communication Update
- 10 Dec 2005

21 January 2006

Pathlight café opens as a job training centre for students

Café prepares autistic teens for working world, Straits Times, 21 Jan 2006

1 October 2006

Launch of "Beautiful Minds" book.
The book showcases the thoughts and feelings of Pathlight students and raises funds for the school.

New book to showcase thoughts and feelings of children with autism, CNA, 1 Oct 2006.

October 2006

First overseas trip for Pathlight students to China. Highlights of the trip included a stay in an orphanage and a traditional Mongolian house and gaining experience serving others.


Date Event Data Source
January 2005

The school year begins with 125 students enrolled.

Communication Update
- 20 Dec 2004

8 February 2005

Pathlight secondary students join Ang Mo Kio Secondary for lunar new year celebrations

Communication Update
- 2 Feb 2005

25 May 2005

Pathlight students attend their first formal dinner at Raffles Institution Boarding school

Communication Update
- 16 May 2005

9 July 2005

A Very Special Walk is organised to raise funds for Pathlight and Rainbow school. The walk attracts 800 participants and funds raised go into the development of Enterprise Learning Centres (ELC).

Communication Update
- 5 Apr 2005
Fund raising report July 2005

29 August 2005

Pathlight school embarks on a satellite arrangement with Chong Boon Secondary School. Official first day for secondary school students in our first satellite school.

Communication Update
- 30 Aug 2005

15 September 2005

Lanterns made by Pathlight students were auctioned to corporate sponsors at a Mid-Autumn festival party to raise funds for the school.

Lanterns of hope to light the way for children with autism, TODAY, 15 Sept 2005

11 October 2005

Opening of Pathlight café to track one students

Communication Update
- Oct 2005


IT Faculty formed in Pathlight to train students in basic IT skills. Students with specific talents may specialise in design, programming or any other computer-related skills.

Go Digital, Oct - Nov 2005

Date Event Data Source
12 January

Official first day of school
The school runs from 8:00am – 12:30pm. There are 10 teaching staff and 41 students.

ACS Primary, Rulang Primary and Chong Boon Secondary are 'buddy schools' which help provide inclusion experiences.

Communication Update
- 20 Dec 2003

21 January
First school celebration on eve of Lunar New Year

Communication Update
- 3 Feb 2004

March 2004 Beginning of CCA programmes at Pathlight. These include gymnastics, pottery and swimming.

Communication Update
- Mar 2004


First day camp for Pathlight students. The camp also included students from neighbour, Chong Boon Secondary.

Denise Phua doubled up as Acting Principal, in addition to School Supervisor role in Board.

Communication Update
- May 2004


Townsville Primary School and Ang Mo Kio Secondary School are Pathlight's newest 'buddy school', matchmade by MOE

Communication Update
- 16 Aug 2004

13 November
Official opening of Pathlight school by Mr Tharman Shanmugaratnam, Minister of Education  
First PSLE results
All Primary 6 students pass the PSLE

Communication Update
- 20 Dec 2004

Date Event Data Source

Launch of Project Platinum by the ARC
Project Platinum is a total solution to support people with Autism in Singapore throughout their lifespan. It Includes plans for an autism-focused school that offers mainstream academic curriculum. This eventually became the Pathlight School.

Project Platinum powerpoints
2003 MOE invited ARC to start an autism-focused mainstream school. Interview
July 2003

Minister of Education Dr Ng Eng Hean announced the set up of Pathlight school. The school was to be a collaboration between the ARC and the Rainbow Centre with MOE and NCSS support. MOE funds up to 90% of renovation costs. Funds of S$234,000 approved.

School for autistic kids to open next year, Straits Times, 20 July 2003

Renovation of building, hiring of staff and development of school curriculum is directed by a team of key volunteers (Denise Phua, Jean Koh & Jacqueline Ang) and key ARC staff (Sylvia Yap, Anita Russell & Dr Lam Chee Meng). All these to be done in 5 months.

Sessions are convened to develop the school's vision and mission. The school curriculum is designed and created.

The school name and logo were decided during a branding exercise led by Kim Faulkner. The Pathlight logo can be interpreted in various ways. It can be seen as a smiley face representing the joyous place that is Pathlight school, or it can symbolise Pathlight as a bridge between the adult and the child. The green and blue colour scheme echoes Chinese saying 青出于蓝 which means that a Pathlight child can blossom way beyond his development when he first enters the school.

The upbeat school song is written by Desmond Moi with inputs from the staff.

The uniform: a polo T-shirt and cargo pants is designed to be contemporary and comfortable to wear. Also to give dignity to students.

A principal, Peck Soo Hong and teachers are employed and trained. 10 teachers are selected out of 200 applicants.

Presentations and various activities are conducted to publicise and recruit students for the new school.

Fund-raising activities carried out to raise additional funds for renovation.

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