Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Visit to Marina Bay City Gallery

15 students from Secondary 4 classes carried out geographical fieldwork at the Marina Bay area, in order to find out what makes Marina Bay a tourist destination. The outing was part of their Geography syllabus where students observed how Singapore's tourist attractions are managed and promoted using the inquiry learning approach. 

The inquiry approach for the conduct of fieldwork involved students formulating hypothesis questions, collecting data, making analyses based on the data, using various presentation techniques to display the data and finally forming a conclusion. 

 At the outing, the students actively collected data through surveys and questionnaires in their respective groups. Based on the primary and secondary data they collected, students will be analysing and presenting their findings in their classes in Term 3. Through this geographical fieldwork, the students were engaged in authentic and meaningful learning while acquiring important skills of collaboration and teamwork.  

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