Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Inaugural Outdoor Camp for Primary 5 Students

After months of planning by the educators, students from Primary 5 finally embarked on the inaugural Primary 5 Level camp on 13 November 2015. The camp was organised with the theme - Reach Out, Reach High, Reach Beyond , where students will get to go beyond their comfort zone and wade into unknown territory. 

Students started the camp by trying rock climbing and bouldering at Climb Asia. They amazed their teachers with by showing grit and resilience as they attempt to climb as high as possible. Their never-say-die attitude also surprised their teachers as it is a side which teacher have not seen in them! 

The second part of the camp was held at the compound of Infant Jesus Home where students play team-bonding games as well as put up performances for their friends and teachers! It was an enjoyable experience as students took home with them many fond memories from the P5 Camp! 


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