Monday, 23 November 2015

Project Braveheart - Baking

In order to imbue our Primary 6 graduating students with life skills, they were tantalized with baking sessions. Baking was part of the array of programmes planned under Project BraveHeart 2015. The core objectives of the baking sessions were to promote independence, collaboration, socialization and confidence.

The students had opportunities to bake individually or with a partner. Students working independently had ample opportunities to hone their listening, requesting for help and simple decision making skills. Those working in pairs practised their 21st Century Skills of communication and collaboration. The icing on their cupcake creations was to witness them socialise, beam with pride at their creations and their sheer exhilaration at the thought of sharing their labour of love with their family. Though somewhat messy (and therefore fun!), the results were hard to resist. 

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