Thursday, 09 November 2017

Discovering Chinatown: A Journey to the Past

Pathlight’s Secondary 3 students embarked on an multi-disciplinary Learning Journey to Chinatown Heritage Centre on 1 November 2017. During the guided tour, they traced the footsteps of Singapore’s early pioneers, and discovered the personal stories of people who made Chinatown their home. Through this visit, they deepened their appreciation of Singapore’s heritage and the sacrifices and hard work through which we got our modern comforts.

After touring the Chinatown area, the students applied their interview skills by asking tourists questions for their Geographical Investigation assignment. They put their oratorical skills and geographical knowledge to good use, gaining much confidence in the process.

And what better way to end the Learning Journey than enjoying a scrumptious lunch in the heart of Chinatown? Given that food is such an integral part of our Singaporean culture, the students savoured some of Singapore’s famed hawker fare at Chinatown Complex before heading back to school.