Thursday, 10 July 2014

June Holiday Workshops for Artist Development Programme Students

Students from the Artist Development Programme (ADP) attended two in-house workshops during the June holidays – "Building Matchstick Structures" and "Still Life Drawing". The ADP is a programme aimed at nurturing students with artistic talents under the mentorship of professional artists. They are also given platforms to showcase their work in public exhibitions; and grow as motivated and confident Artists.

The first workshop, "Building Matchsticks Structures" was specially designed for students who have preference for hands-on exercises. During the session, students had the opportunity to build structures of different forms based on their imagination and creativity. They learnt how basic units make up complex structures and practised their fine motor skills in moulding and construction.

The second workshop "Still Life Drawing", catered for students who are more inclined towards drawing exercises and it was aimed at sharpening students' drawing skills in line quality, shading and composition.

Both workshops provided the opportunity for students to be exposed to different art forms on top of their weekly artist training sessions. The students definitely enjoyed themselves!

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