2018 Events (81)

2018 Events
Thursday, 22 November 2018 11:11


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Pathlight celebrated the achievements of our students today. Out of 105 students who sat for PSLE, 95.2% of them were eligible to progress to secondary school. Across all subjects, our students performed better than the national average. Congratulations to all our students for doing their best! Special thanks to our educators, therapists and staff for walking this journey with them and parents for their wonderful partnership!

Tuesday, 18 December 2018 10:04

100% passing rate for GCE N-levels!

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Congratulations to our GCE N-level students for completing their Secondary school education! All 43 students who sat for the GCE N-level examinations were eligible to progress to the next level of their education journey. Pathlighters even scored better (Grades 1-5) than national average for most subjects! We are proud of all students for their resilience and efforts in overcoming the many challenges to achieve these results. This would not have been possible without our team of tireless educators and therapists. Thank you for the dedication and hard work, together with the support from and collaboration with our students’ families. Many parents made time to add their personal thanks and appreciation to educators and non-educators for their unwavering support of their children during their educational journey in Pathlight! To our GCE N-level students, congratulations on your graduation and we wish you all the best in your tertiary education.
Thursday, 13 December 2018 17:27

Primary 6 Graduation Night

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Our Primary 6 students celebrated and concluded their Primary school journey at the ‘Graduation Night 2018. The school hall was transformed for the occasion and students were treated to fine dining and performances put up by their very own classmates featuring songs, dances and role-playing. Through games, our students were also tested on their knowledge about the school and teachers, which they exceled in! 

To show our appreciation for the parents, parents were invited to join for a special segment where their children performed a medley of song and dance. Now that the PSLE results have been released, we wish to remind our students that it is the journey that matters. We wish our students all the best and hope that they will remember their journey with Pathlight.

In October, selected Secondary 4 students went on a Learning Journey to the Singapore Science Centre for a yogurt making workshop. Through the workshop, students got to experience applied science by applying what they have learned during science lessons. Not only did our students make yogurt from scratch using bacteria cultures, they also got to perform pH and glucose test on different samples of milk and yoghurt. Through these experiments, they understood the process in yogurt making and learned about healthier food choices. After the workshop, our students explored the eco garden where they witnessed the diverse nature of Singapore’s local flora and fauna.

A perfect example of how we apply Active & Authentic Learning at Pathlight!

Wednesday, 28 November 2018 08:38

A Week of Fun and Learning

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Our Secondary School students ended the month of October with a week-long of workshops involving dance, digital music composition and digital photo editing. Part of Project ONE, the week-long programme aimed to develop students holistically in the Aesthetic, Physical, Socioemotional, Moral and Cognitive areas. Through the workshops, students discovered and developed their talents in music, as well as, information and communications technology (ICT). Some highlights include a cohort mass dance session and creating photo collages to round off the year in Pathlight. Some students even participated in entrepreneurial/financial literacy workshops to learn and develop entrepreneurial skills. It sure was a week well spent!

Wednesday, 28 November 2018 08:24

Getting involved in the Community

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Recently, our Primary School Music Ensemble and Performing Arts CCA groups visited Ang Mo Kio Thye Hua Kwan Hospital as part of the School’s Community Involvement Project (CIP). Aimed at inculcating the value of contribution in our students, our artistically inclined students treated the elderly patients to a complete concert experience including dance, music and skit performances. Our students further uplifted everyone’s day by presenting hand written cards to the elderly patients and hospital staff. Not only did they showcase their talents, they also brought smiles and joy to the community!

Monday, 26 November 2018 14:04

Building the Blocks of Life

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Last week, several of our Secondary 2 classes went to the Singapore Science Centre to learn about the building blocks of life during a 2-hour DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid) workshop. Our students found out their blood types through blood typing and looked into the ancestry of a child.  They also compared different organisms through DNA extraction and learned about the importance of genetic profiling in criminal investigation. The Learning Journey ended with a tour around the exhibits at the Science Centre. Our little scientists enjoyed their lesson outside of classroom as such Learning Journeys make knowledge both intimate and alive!


Last week, our Secondary 1 Express and Normal Academic students went on a learning journey to Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum. There, they learned about the vast diversity of animals and plants in Singapore and their associated environmental issues. Through a guided tour, students were exposed to various specimens and learned about how taxidermy provided a first-hand form of visual research. The guided tour was followed by activity booths where our students learned more about the researchers’ work. They were awed by Singapore’s rich natural history and appreciated the different forms of records.Learning journeys like these really help to open new doors to knowledge!

Wednesday, 14 November 2018 15:41

Healthy Lifestyle Week 2018

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In September, Pathlight held a 2-week healthy Lifestyle programme to help our students learn to take responsibility for their own health. Through a combination of fun exercises, food sampling, quizes and competitions, our students learned to make informed choices in the areas of nutrition, physical activity and mental well-being. A highlight of the programme was our “Try it Tuesday!” where students got to sample different vegetables that they could incorporate into their diet. Our Secondary school students on the other hand, got to put their health knowledge to the test through a Health and Science quiz. All in all, our students enjoyed practising healthy lifestyle habits over the 2 weeks and were encouraged to practise them with their families.

Wednesday, 14 November 2018 15:31

There is a Hero in Me

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Last month, our Primary 1 students participated in the Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS) camp aimed at promoting social, emotional, moral and physical well-being in our students.  Through station games, students were taught habits and values such as health habits and environmental conservation. Themed “Be a Superhero”, students were also taught how they could incorporate the 5C values into the camp. At the end of the camp, our students reflected on the superhero they had in mind.  Our little heroes learned that not all heroes wear capes and that heroism can be found in the simplest everyday acts!