Friday, 18 May 2018

Students Apply Math concepts in A-Math-zing Race

Students Apply Math concepts in A-Math-zing Race

Our Secondary 1 and 2 students participated in the A-Math-Zing Race hosted by the Mathematics Department. The race was conducted within the school compound in Campus 2 Annex. Students experienced the relevance of Mathematics in real life with activities emphasising problem solving skills and experiential learning. In doing so, they applied mathematical concepts in different contexts. They displayed great team work and resilience as they worked through the trail together and used creative thinking skills to design feasible methods of solving real-life problems.

Our students from Secondary 4 Spruce and Quiver class also stepped up and took on the role of station masters, patiently guiding their juniors at the various stations to complete the task. Kudos to the seniors for their guidance!

The students and teachers had an A-Math-Zing time and we were proud that each and every one of them was an A-Math-Zing Race Conqueror!

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