Monday, 21 May 2018

To the Singing and Sharing of Memories

To the Singing and Sharing of Memories

On 16 May 2018, the Ukulele and Digital Photobook workshops were held at Pathlight Campus 2 Annex. The purpose of the workshops was to enable students to learn, develop their interests and discover their talents in music, as well as information and communications technology (ICT). These were part of a Learning Day for our Secondary School graduating cohort, one of many value-added programmes under Project One, which is aimed at developing students holistically in the Aesthetic, Physical, Socio-Emotional, Moral and Cognitive areas.

At the Ukulele workshop, students learned about the history of the Ukulele and the different parts of the instrument. They also learned the different strumming patterns with simple chords such as C Major and A Minor. At the end of the workshop, students were able to play two songs and they even performed for one another!

At the Digital photo workshop, students were delighted to create personalised Photobooks using their own photographs. The trainers taught them to use software to edit their photographs and PowerPoint to do the layouts. Students were also tasked to include meaningful captions and reflections of their fond memories in Pathlight School. Knowing that the soft copy of the Photobook will be given to them as graduation gifts, a few students even went further to document their heartfelt gratitude for their teachers to keep the memories with them when they graduate!

Singing and sharing memories, what could have been a better way to spend your graduating year?

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