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2019 Events
Friday, 30 August 2019 09:05

Finding Answers to The Call of the Wet & Wild

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Our Primary 1 Pathlighters answered the calls of the wet and wild in August, when they fearlessly came face-to-face with fauna as diverse as peaceful giant manatees, razor-toothed tiger fish, fearsome electric eels and even a pair of lovable Chinese giant pandas.

All these and more, made the field trip to River Safari an informative and enjoyable learning journey. The inclusion of both mathematical and scientific concepts in this outdoor experiential class had our students exercising their knowledge on graphs, ordinal numbers, shapes and patterns, as well as classifications of animals. They also took the opportunity to practise putting their best foot forward in the community.

From analysing the Indian Gharial’s teeth to feeling the grooves of bamboo shoots that giant pandas feed on, students explored the wonders of wildlife creatures and the world around them. Besides analysing and handling specimens, students also documented their learning and discoveries in an e-book. This experience showed our students that knowledge gained in the classroom is more than facts and figures on a board; they are as alive and complex as the world around us.


Friday, 20 December 2019 16:49

On the Jobs

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As part of Pathlight’s transition support to prepare our students for life post-school, Pathlight organises Job Shadowing and Work Exposure programmes to expose students to various job opportunities available.

Vocational Track Pathlighters embarked on Job Shadowing programmes to TMF Singapore, Ya Kun Kaya Toast and Pan Pacific Hotel Group, as well as a work exposure programme at Fairmont Hotel in September.

Pathlighters were immersed in real work settings and even had the opportunity to try their hand at completing actual tasks that employees do. They also experienced snippets of working life – joining the peak-hour crowd as they took public transport to “work” and having lunch outside.

We hope these experiences will help them make informed decisions about their future education and career choices, and motivate them to work towards their desired vocations.

Friday, 20 December 2019 16:26

Designing a Hydroponic System

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Secondary 1 and 2 students from the STEM Cub embarked on a Learning Journey to Kok Fah Technology Farm in September. Our students went there with a special mission – to learn about hydroponic farming and translate it into designing their own hydroponic systems that they have been working on using the design tool TinkerCAD.

Through a tour of the hydroponics farm, our students learned how space can be maximised to grow vegetables sustainably, as well as the hard work and stages involved in the production and sale of these vegetables. They also learned about the advantages and disadvantages of the hydroponic farming method, and better understood the importance of self-sustenance and independence.

Thursday, 19 December 2019 11:47

Showcasing Skills and Sportsmanship on the Floor

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On 25 August, 9 Primary 4 and 5 students (Jaedon Lo, Wu Zining, Chia Jay, Gareth Ong, Caden Liang, Royston Chew, Bruce Lim, Tan Guan Qi and Lee Hao Hong) teamed up with Townsville Primary floorball girls’ team to participate in the Play Inclusive Unified Floorball competition. The largest unified sports festival in Singapore aims to promote inclusion through shared sports training and competition between individuals with and without special needs.

Pathlighters showed conviction and determination to hone their skills despite having only nine training sessions before the competition. They improved by leaps and bounds under their coaches’ guidance and were well-prepared for their competition.

On the day of the competition, they stood their ground against opponents who were taller and bigger than them, and showed courage and confidence when playing against them. They also exemplified great sportsmanship by cheering their teammates from Townsville primary on and congratulating their winning opponents.

Well done Pathlighters and Townsville students for taking up the challenge and exemplifying how sports can bring people together, regardless of abilities!

Tuesday, 01 October 2019 11:15

Math Fun at the River Safari

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Primary 5 Pathlighters headed out for a Mathematics Learning Journey to River Safari in July. While exploring the river-themed wildlife park, students were guided to apply the mathematical concepts that they learnt in class to real-life settings.

With the help of the friendly River Safari staff, they gathered information on the animals such as their measurements and age, and used the data to solve mathematical problems. Pathlighters not only had fun getting up close to the animals, they also had fun learning that Mathematics can be applied to all areas of life, not just in class!

Monday, 30 September 2019 11:32

Showcasing Abilities at Istana Open House

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This year, Pathlighters didn’t just show up at the Istana Open House in July as visitors, they also had the honour of contributing to the success of the event. Five of our Scouts volunteered as Guest Ambassadors, and our Dance International students performed there for the first time.

Serving alongside other Scouts from the Association, Pathlighters assisted with managing the crowd and ensuring that visitors had an enjoyable experience. Our Dance International students showcased their talent and dazzled visitors with their performance.

It was a great day for all Pathlighters involved as they showcased their abilities, advocated for the cause and built their confidence!

Monday, 30 September 2019 11:22

Science Olympians to the Fore

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Eight of our Primary 5 pupils put their science reasoning skills and intellectual creativity to the test when they represented Pathlight School at the Singapore Primary Science Olympiad (SPSO) in July. This is Pathlight’s third year taking part in the SPSO.

Organised by the NUS High School of Mathematics and Science, the annual competition aims to cultivate a greater interest in Sciences among Primary school students. Despite being presented with challenging questions beyond their syllabus, all eight Pathlighters demonstrated remarkable mental persistence, acuity and resilience. Well done Pathlighters for displaying their true Olympian spirit! 

Monday, 30 September 2019 11:17

Celebrating Racial Harmony at Pathlight

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Pathlight celebrated Racial Harmony Day in different ways in July.

Our Primary 1 and 2 Pathlighters participated in a wide variety of activities leading up to the celebrations. This included visiting a Racial Harmony Day Cultural booth and learning more about the four core ethnic groups in Singapore. During the celebrations, Pathlighters came dressed in their traditional costumes, and tried their hand at traditional games. A few streets away, our Primary 3 to 6 Pathlighters celebrated diversity by creating a mosaic display of the vibrant personalities that compose our Pathlight student body. Each student drew their self-portraits on individual Jigsaw pieces and joined them together to form one complete Pathlight Jigsaw puzzle. Our Secondary School and Vocational Track students celebrated the occasion with harmonious music created from different ethnic drums, in a performance by the group Rhythm Masala.

The celebrations across the campuses ended on a high with ethnic dance performances and fashion parades by our Performing Arts CCA groups. These colourful performances not only showcased the beauty of Singapore’s cultures, but also the talents of our students. Our students had a fulfilling day learning about Singapore’s diverse heritage culture, and the importance of preserving the racial and religious harmony that we enjoy today.

Thursday, 19 September 2019 12:38

Seeing the Light

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Primary 4 Pathlighters visited Singapore Science Centre in July for an experiential learning journey on light energy!

 Through fun, hands-on activities, such as observing how light travels through a mirror maze, Pathlighters explored the nature of light as a form of energy and were intrigued by its properties. The Learning Journey reinforced scientific concepts that they learned in class, and our young scientists sure had a fun time “seeing the light” to otherwise abstract concepts!

Wednesday, 18 September 2019 15:03

Learning to Care Deeply and Share Freely

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Some of our Primary 2 Pathlighters were invited to participate in the Sharity Day Carnival 2019 on 14 August. They integrated with other students from mainstream and Special Education schools through a range of carnival activities, and enjoyed an interactive musical skit together.

Pathlighters Ploypapat and Caleb Lim even represented the school and were student emcees for the event. They co-hosted confidently with peers from mainstream schools, in front of more than 1,000 guests!

It was indeed an enriching and fun day out at the Sharity Day Carnival, where our students learned to care deeply and share freely with peers from all walks of life!


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