Wednesday, 11 September 2019

Learn, Play and Grow

Learn, Play and Grow

Primary 4 Pathlighters headed out to Pasir Ris Park in July for a “Learn, Play and Grow” Physical Education Learning Journey.

They started the day with a picnic in school and unleashed their inner chefs as they prepared delicious sandwiches. After the picnic, they travelled to Pasir Ris Park for outdoor games designed to reinforce the values of respect, friendship, teamwork and excellence. Pathlighters capped off of the day with a friendly NERF challenge game, where they learned to strategise and work together with one another. It was heartening to see the strong bonds forged among them and our teachers even joined in on the action!

It was a truly a meaningful and fun day out for our students to develop their physical and cognitive skills as well as healthy leisure skills!

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